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No bus connecvitity from Kaggadasapura, Vignana Nagar to HAL airport Road!!

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I have posted this requirement in many online discussions, mailed to many concerned.

There is no connectivity from Kaggadasapura to HAL airport road. This is surprising as a person living here or nearby localities such as Malleshpalya, vignan nagar has to depend on three wheelers to reach airport road. There are many office goers who work in either whitefield, marthahalli, who find it difficult to reach as there is no direct connectivity. It is surprising that BMTC announce bus day, which is appreciated but should also think about making facilities in such a way that people support bus days. If a person need to struggle to get a bus, whats the use of  BUS DAY?

These areas are still not connected directly with Koramangala or Electronic City. If these areas are connected well with direct buses or link buses to major roads, people would avoid taking their vehicles and thus BMTC can increase their revenue




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fair choice, vignan nagar to Hal police station Rs 40

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vignan nagar roads have become so worse after this BWSS work. from Hal convention center to Fair choice supermarket, vignan nagar the km is only 2. but auto drivers are demanding Rs 40. saying roads are bad. left with no choice can BMTC make arrangements like feeder services as the demand is more

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BMTC would suggest one to take a bus to Majestic and change to a

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bus bound to old airport road!

They have a ready made answer, not every locality can be connected to every other locality. Even if they do, it will be a half hearted attempt to prove their point. Will run a bus in morning and one in evening!

Bagmane Techpark is the closest and largest catchment for the reach 1 of the metro. Look for the shuttle services from the complex to nearest metro station! BMTC & BMRC has completely ignored this new need, any Public Transport entity worth its salt would have jumped on this opportunity and started shuttle services, but not Namma Metro or Namma BMTC!

The solution for the issue at hand would be to extend all buses that currently terminate @ vignan nagar bus stand to airport road, or atleast alternate ones. This would serve the purpose, that too without much investments. There are numerous other examples, 201 D runs between Madiwala Masjid and Indira Nagar police stations. Even before reach 1 of metro was started, they should have extended this to Old Madras Road, now with reach 1 in operation it can be easily extended to touch SV Road station & Byappanahalli. Similarly the drivers have to do acrobatics to take a U-turn on the underpass at madiwala, instead if it is extended to any one road beyond Silkboard, it helps many more commuters who wants to change over @ SB.

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