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RITES - CRS implementation in 3 Phases

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Three Phases

RITES report has divided all the works that are needed for CRS into 3 Phases. The Phases are 1A, 1B and 2. Each of these have been identified with slew of works to be carried over, cost of works and the time frame to complete the works.

There is the 4th Phase that has been identified in the report. There are works earmarked for that phase. But there is no cost or time frame has been given citing the reasons of continuous improvements and too far in time to give a definite cost and time.



  • SBC Terminal - Add 2 additional platforms
  • SBC Terminal - Shift pit lines to Binny Mill Land
  • Procure EMU Rakes - 15 Nos  (Replace the MEMUs/DEMUs with EMU rakes)
  • EMU Maintenance Shed at Yelahanka
  • SBC Terminal - Entry/Exit from all directions
  • 2 Single lines between SBC - BNC (cantonment)
  • Automatic Signalling between BNC to WFD
  • Electrification of Sections - YPR/BYPL/HSR, SBC/YPR/TK, YPR/YNK/CBP
  • Platform modifications - Height raised to EMU height
  • Passenger Amenities at BWT, MYA, TK, HSRA, DBY, CBP, YPR and YNK - Parking, Waiting Halls. Platforms, FOBs etc.

Invest Cost

  • Rs. 3433 Crores

Time Frame

  • 2 Years

Result - CRS with caryying capacity of 5 Lakh trips per day

Phase - 1B


  • Doubling of Lines on sections - WFD/BWT, YNK/DBU, YPR-BYPL, SDVL-NNGA
  • Automatic Signalling  on sections - WFD/BWT, YNK/DBU, YPR-BYPL, SDVL-NNGA
  • Developing BYPL into Coaching Terminal - Build 5 Platforms, 10 Pitlines, 11 Stabling Lines
  • Additional Rakes - 9 Nos.

Investment Cost

  • Rs. 2363 Cores

Time Frame

  • 2 Years

Result - CRS with enhance capacity of 10 Lakh daily trips.

Phase - 2


  • Remodel SBC Terminal - Final Phase
  • 3 Flyovers in BYPL area
  • 1 Flyover in YPR area
  • Bypass line at YNK connecting DBU and CBP lines
  • Developing new halt stations
  • Additional EMU rakes - 15 Nos.

Investment Cost

  • Rs. 2550 Crores

Time Frame

  • 3 Years

Result - CRS with total carrying capacity of more than 25 lakh daily trips.

Phase - 3

Works - Extension of CRS reach and activities

  • Extend CRS on Chikbanavar -Satyamangala new line which is under construction
  • Restoration of BYPL-Vimanapura abandoned line and extend CRS on that line.
  • Direct line to Enter from YNK to HEB without touching YPR.
  • Introduce Longer EMUs
  • Introduce Faster Services (Limited Halts)
  • Quadrupling / Tripling of SBC-WFD, BYPL-HSRA, SBC-TK, SBC-MYS and other sections
  • Elimination of All level crossings
  • Skywalk at BYPL connecting BYPL train terminal to BYPL Metro Terminal
  • 4th Coaching Terminal at Hejjala
  • New Freight Terminals in TK, MYS and DBU sides
  • Ring Rail around the city - One at 40 Km radius, second at 70 Km radius
  • Construction of Air Link Rail

Note - No cost or time frame is given in the report.



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An ideal and accurate

An ideal and accurate report.

The GOK and SWR shold start of with phase 1 immediately.I hope and wish they would do so. comment guidelines

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