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7.4 Mono Rail / Light Rapid Transit System (LRT)

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In addition to the metro, the corridors where the traffic volumes are upto 20,000 phpdt and the requirement is to cover a wide area with a large network and also to act as feeder to Metro, a medium capacity system is required. Infact upto about 15000 phpdt, a BRTS can also work reasonably well. However the limitation with it is that in order to make it really effective dedicated 10 meter wide BUS Lanes (Bus ways) are necessary at grade. However on roads where the right of way does not permit carving out the at-grade Busway, an elevated mono rail / light rail is the preferred option, since it does not impinge upon the capacity of the at grade carriageways which continue handling the vehicular traffic as explained in Chapter 6. The Master Plan 2015, while pointing out the inadequacies of the present Public Transit system and emphasizing the need for a Multi-Modal Public Transport system, has referred to mono-rail as one of the modes. It has proposed a Mono–Rail along the western crescent of the ORR from Bellary Road to Kanakapura Road along with a couple of spurs along selected radials leading to the core area. In addition an independent corridor has been proposed from Hosur Road - Bannerghatta Road Junction to National park. Considering all the factors, while basically keeping the same configuration, the proposed radial corridors along Magadi Road and Bannerghatta Road need to be extended upto the PRR and along ORR, extended up to Bannerghatta Road. Accordingly the following corridors with a total length of 60 Km. have been identified for Mono-Rail / LRT system.

Table 7.3 Mono-Rail/LRT Corridors
1 Hebbal to J.P. Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) along the western portion of outer ring road 31.0 km
2 PRR to Toll Gate along Magadi Road 9.0 km
3 Kathriguppe Road / Ring Road Junction to National College 5.0 km
4 Hosur Road - Bannerghatta Road Junction to PRR along Bannerghatta Road 15.0 km
Total 60.0 km

The option of system selection i.e. Light rail or Monorail will depend on the detailed feasibility for these corridors as and when taken up. comment guidelines

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