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I was about to be killed in an accident

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Today morning, I came from Mysore in a bus and got down in front of the Mysore road satellite bus stop. I had parked my bike in the satellite bus stand. I had to cross the road to go to satellite bus stand. It was real horrible experience with no considerations to pedestrains and road crossings. There is no single zebra crossing to cross the Mysore road and there is no sky walk either. We have to cross the road in the middle of the traffic. Vehicles will be piled up very long and mostly buses and trucks.

I just crossed half the road and was standing on the median to cross the second half seeing on the other side which was fully crowded. A private bus came with its side fully on the median which forced all the pedestrains to get back down the median. To get down the median, we have vehicles coming from Mysore side on the back. Somehow managed to escape away.

Then there was a gap to cross the road, we all road crossers try to cross by showing the hands to vehicles to stop. Most of them crossed, I was at the end. A Swaraj mazda carrying pipes although was watching me, came close and squeezed me between a bus and his bus. I thought this is my last day. I banged the Swaraj Mazda who was further closing down and squeezing me. He was still continuing. I ran out of it like anything, but, had a sudden rushing bike. Somehow he stopped. I shouted at the Swaraj Mazda guy upfront. Everyone was just watching the scene without shouting when I was about to be squeezed. Even when I was shouting at the truck driver, nobody even bothered. This shows the concerns of our people towards others.

Mysore road especially in front of Satellite Bus Stand is a real mess without any skywalks or zebra crossings. Being young, I struggled hard. How about aged, ladies and children crossing this road? Who is that 'idiot' corporator incharge of this?

I am back alive!! Thank God.





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sorry tohear about that! I

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sorry tohear about that! I usually walk straight up to the driver and give a earful. Shout first - shout loud!But in the end its very frusturating, as they either scream back not realising what had happened or they just smile irritatingly with no concern! I feel we should have dedicated policeman who don the jobs of lollipop men (who carry the stop signal in front of roads) and dedicated points. These can also be another source of employment.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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need to give higher priority

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The problem apparently is that most opinion leaders travel in chaffeur-driven cars, and can only relate to the BIAL - HAL kind of issues, and not issues like these, which in my opinion are far more important. Sorry for the generalising.

Can that change, and can City-Connect, CAF, Janaagraha, Civic, Swabhimana, Gandhigiri, PRAJA and whoever else join forces, and bring in the same level of energy, if not more, to finding solutions to these kind of problems first?

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Well Said Mr.Murali !

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Sorry to hear this Vasanth & absolutely right, Mr.Murali.

All agencies seem to be involved in 'facilitating' quicker movements for chaffeur driven vehicles & the rest are going along, watching without protests.

Priorities should be for pedestrians, bicycles, public transport & then private vehicles in that order.

Here we have it lopsided: Private Vehicles, first & foremost & the only priority !

God help our city & we dont where, when & how this drama is going to end.


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Sky Walks/ Pedesterian crossings needed !

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 Sorry to hear about this.

 I think we should just expedite our campaign for skywalks/pedesterian crossings.



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Very correct Mr. Murlidhar

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Very correct Mr. Murlidhar Rao.

All this so called public interest activism is only for the elite-not for the common man. Please note that even the pariticipants on this forum, including me, are at least partially elite for only we have internet access.

The airpot is used by a very small number of people. The railway and bus stations are used by far more people and need far more ameneties. If so much public moeny can be spent on BIAL, a small fraction of that that be spent on all bus and railway stations.

Also remember, the BBMP runs schools and hospitals. It has a duty to run them well, just as it has aduty to provide good roads. The elites fight for good roads, but never for good schools and hospitals for the poor. Just look at what happened yesterday-lots of ppl affected by hooch tragedy died as:

  • govt hospitals ran out of ventilators, and doctors were over-worked
  • private hospitals refused to admit patients -SHAME ON THEM




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ped x

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thank heavens vasanth!! agree with what folks here have said.

Yashaswini Scheme

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As much as i feel a deep sense of remorse for those who succumed to the illicit hooch, one cannot blame private hospitals and the elite for no fault of theirs.

It was illegal on part of those who consumed hooch in the first place. If their case is admitted in a court of law, their case will lose because it violates the basic law that it is illegal to consume illict liqour as much as it is illegal to manufacture it.

Nevertheless, it is high time the poor be made aware of the Yashaswini scheme.


Ideally, if they were enrolled in the Yashaswini Scheme, then private hospitals would have the necessary incentive to treat them. 

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Medical care

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Thanks for your reply, M Cadambi.

I agree consuming hooch is illegal, and all the dead/sick are partially to blame. However, society also has some responsiblity even towards those whose stupidity gets them into trouble. If I drive recklessly on the wrong side of the road and get knocked down and injured, the traffic police will still rescue me and I hope doctors will still treat me. I should of course be punished after i recover, obviously and be made to pay back for all the costs that were incurred because of my stupidity.

The Yashaswini scheme is a good one. In fact, all people should have govt funded health insurance,either free(meaning paid for my taxes only) or avialable at a nominal cost. Govt should spend lots of money subsidising this. Then govt hospitals can be closed down to save money. If they are not closed down, let them be converted to a public sector version of private hospitals, where patients have to pay for treatment.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Patients can choose the hospital-so bad hospitals cannot survive. they will go broke.
  • Everyone can go to the best hospital or the nearest, saving time in case of emergencies.
  • Hospitals will admit everyone who comes, and not leave the poorest to die
  • Everyone gets equal treatment, meaning the rich and the pwoerful willensure its quality goes up. The poor will also benefit as the quality of care to them will also go up.At presetn, the poor are have to make do with govt/charity hospitals that are overcrowded.

I did not mean to hijack this thread, however health care is an important issue. If admin wants to move it to another page/delete it, please do so.

If there are any doctors here, please comment.


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Schools and Ped Crossings !

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Vasanth and others,

 After reading your story, am now more concerned about the PED-Xings by school children, elderly people etc.

 This reminded me of an accident that my late father had while crossing the Jaymahal Rod in 1985. Even though he didn't had any apparent major injuries, but internally something had got ruptured. Doctors couldn't tell either what was hurting him. When he coughed, he would endured lot of pain in lungs and lower abdomen. This he continued untill his last breath in 2006 August.

 I think it is time BBMP start constructing Skywalks and hassle-free pedesterian crossings.  Otherwise no pedesterian is safe.

 Guys, please take care while crossing roads.

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