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Shops and parking - This is how it begins

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Recently, while passing through Kundalahalli gate, I noticed that some shops had suddenly sprung up on an empty plot. Going by what I understand of BBMP bylaws, the construction does seem illegal. These shops are literally standing on the footpath, and bang on a major intersection. Of course, there is no place to park bikes or cars here. So once they start doing business, customers' vehicles could block some serious traffic (intersection of Varthur Road and Brookfield main road leading to ITPL). Isn't this is how it all begins - violation of construction norms, parking problems and traffic woes? Not spotting and correcting this now - before these businesses start flourishing - would mean protests and what not later when you try to 'fix' them. The good news is - looks like BBMP has taken a note, the shops haven't started any business yet even though they came up about a month ago. That no-parking sign showed up there at about the same time as these shops, perhaps BBMP put it up as a 'warning' to whoever constructed them. I will be watching that spot though. Should be a good observation on how small-city ways of doing business - like this one - is killing Bangalore.


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has all the ashtalakshaNas (signs) of encroachment alright. They built a more solid complex in channrayapatna and arkalgud in 17th century and they have been doing roaring business ever since. This one looks like it was built only move the courts. wonder why they have not pulled 'em down yet. tabula rasa for any graffiti artistes out there. comment guidelines

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