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Cab Driver Culture

Cab Drivers can be called as 'insects' of Bangalore traffic. The kind of people who drive the Indicas and Sumos are usually 'bad mannered' and 'ready to fight' type of people. Autos are one type, but, since they are not as powerful as the cabs, they are 'bit better'  than these cabs (comparison among the worst). These cab drivers behave as if they are pilots of Jet planes and saving the country!!

I recently encountered very bad experience and after seeing them you can't dare to comment them directly. I was travelling in my friends car near the Nanda road. Entire traffic is coming together and all of a sudden from the service road a Tata Sumo passed very rashly without even bothering for the entire traffic. Everyone had to apply sudden brakes and few two wheelers skidded also in the process of braking.I just asked them what are you doing by hand sign.They stopped the cab and started shouting me with 'Yeeno, Yeeno'. Nearby traffic police was deliberately seeing somewhere else as if he is not related to this. Can we fight with them in there language? Here might becomes right.

Samething happened today when I was standing in queue in a jam. A bike driver was coming on the extreme right of a blocked road since he wanted to go the very next road. A cab driver who could not go anywhere and was standing in queue in the jam after seeing this bike guy coming freely become jealous and suddenly came out of the queue as if hitting him to block that bike driver and he started abusing him with very bad words. That person looked basically an office worker and he just had to tolerate this insane behaviour of the cab driver.

I basically feel that this 'cab' culture started by the IT and ITES world is making the Bangalore roads totally unsafe to secure the lifes of the IT and ITES sector. I really don't know how safe these cab drivers will make the commute of 'IT and ITES' employees. They just have to travel virtually thinking they are safe.

First question that arises is who  and which company started this cab culture to lobby the 'Travel Business' and is this really needed in the form of cabs. Second question is do they really need such powerful vehicles. Third question that arises is the culture of the cab drivers the cab companies employ. Fourth question is why our police close their eyes when something abnormal is happening right infront of the eyes as I said earlier. Cops in the western countries are respected so much whereas in our country the behave as if they are mere spectators.

I said earlier in a post that these indicabs and sumos should be replaced with Nanos since these powerful vehicles are mishandled by the cab drivers. I know there will be lot of protests from the transport companies if such action is taken, but, cab drivers have digged their own grave. comment guidelines

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