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Roads and Traffic Sense - To be taught to children at school level

Today, major problem everyone in Bangalore and even other metros people are facing is Traffic Problem. Why this is a problem - Mainly because of lack of discipline among drivers and even pedestrians. Why - because no proper knowledge and education about traffic. Then how do so many people get license - By bribing and many times license can be got even without taking test drive nor even passing any exams. Even many RTO personnels will not be knowing many of the rules - They only know what they want - you know what I mean. Government is thinking about giving Sex Education in School level - But, no thoughts about educating school children about today's major problem - Traffic. Earlier, when we were watching DD1 when we were kids, we used to see many traffic related advertisements and railway crossing advertisements. Now, even DD1 has become very commercial. Only educative DD1 broadcasts is family planning advertisements which is not needed for everyone - especially children. RTOs should advertise about traffic rules, how to drive with discipline and warn about the fines not only in DD1, but also in other channels. At the school level, once in primary school level, there should be chapters (preferrably a subject), to teach how people should cross the road, how people should drive, what are the public responsibilites and examples of accidents which took place because of lack of discipline and not following traffic rules. Again, there should be repetition with advanced topics in middle/high schools about the same. It would be even better, if there is practical education about good driving for middle / high school students. Also videos should be shown to students about good and disciplined driving and how it is strictly followed in other countries, what are its advantages etc.. and how pathetic traffic has become in our country and what are the root causes for this. Today, what I see in Bangalore is lack of patience, lot of ignorance - let me see what will happen attitude. Pedestrains cross the road as if they have owned the road seeing the drivers strangely and walking with lot of ego on the roads. Drivers not having patience to wait - if somebody's car is broken on the road, people behind will start honking as if the broken car will get repaired if they honk. Two wheelers and autos do not wait until a car takes U turn - They will come in front of the car as well as behind the car and taking a U turn in a busy road like Bannerghatta Road in front of Jalabhavan is a nightmare. If we see in other countries like USA, people have so much patience and driving is so disciplined, we cannot belive if it ever can happen. No lane discipline - Lanes are just to beautify roads. The list goes on.. Why not more stress should be given for traffic education in schools instead of making students reading subjects and chapters which never is going to help them in their lifetime? Please add on to this.
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Traffic sense

Vasanth, Agree with you. Even if we have 10 lane roads in our city, there will still be chaos. We just don't know how to drive. Vehicles criss cross the roads, people have no patience. We jump lights as if they are suggestions and not rules. A bit of patience will go a long way in making our commutes less stressful. A good idea. Why don't we approach a few schools and see if they will agree to such a program? I know one teacher in my old school. I can write to him and ask him if they can agree to this. Regards, Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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National Level

Hi Vasanth, Could not agree with you more. You must have heard of the story of how Nilekani's daughter got her license. I thing this idea has to be implemented at the national level. Take Bangalore for example, at any given time I am guessing that in Bangalore there are drivers holding licenses from all the 28 states and 7 union territories. I am pretty sure the quality of drivers from the various RTOs within a city is not same, forget state. comment guidelines

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