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Water supply

Water - Facts we should know!


"The world is not "running out water", but it is not always available when and where people need it."

"Every minute during the next 20 years, 30 Indians will leave rural India for urban areas. India will need some 500 new cities. If there were ever a time to focus on the smart growth of our urban areas, that time is now"

Water supply outsourcing welcome - but, why the secrecy?

The state has apparently launched on a programme to 'privatise' water supply in quite a few cities in the state, going by the below clip from NewsX.


Bangalore Patrol - BWSSB - public interaction

Have a water problem? Just dial 22238888 for ‘immediate’ help.

Need volunteers and suggestions for water index project


To give a quick dump, Bangalore water index is a project, where we aim to track the "water health" of our city in a numerical way.
This involve all kind of dat ranging from the quality to the supply side. We aim to consider the cost etc as well while calculating this index.

For further details please refer

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!


Why are we scared of drinking water? Everytime, when we travel, why are we afraid to drink water from railway station filters? Why do we so often come across shouts of “Don’t drink that water!” ringing in our ears?

Meeting with Chairman, BWSSB

2 Sep 2010 15:00


  • Time: 3:00 pm
  • Date:  Thursday, 2nd September
  • Venue: BWSSB Office, Cauvery Bhavan, KG Road, Bangalore
  • Agenda: Bangalore Water Index proposal, data collection kickoff.

For reference: Proposal on Water Index

Meeting with BWSSB PRO

28 Aug 2010 15:00

 We're meeting with Mr. Prahlad Rao, PRO (BWSSB) tomorrow to discuss the Bangalore Water Index.

Details as under: 

Time - 3:00pm

Date - Saturday, 28th August

Venue - BWSSB, 5th floor, Cauvery Bhavan, K.G. Road, Bangalore

Leave a note/call me if you'd like to come along. Or meet us there.


BWSSB - story of unclaimed dues

Though fund-starved, BWSSB is doing little to claim dues running into crores of rupees from Govt agencies. Says Board chairman P B Ramamurthy: "Since bill collection is the main source of revenue for BWSSB, we have been continuously pressing both the government and semi-government bodies to pay their bills.''

JUSCO se logon ko Gussa Kyon aata hai?


so many drinking water woes with the Monsoon in full swing  and people having empty taps now when there is more water, talk about mess-ups again

deadlines missed, monies stopped does it sound any different than before? Yes it does! 

Need help in capturing reliable data on water supply across all the wards in Bangalore


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