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Cycle to work

Satya, our own bicycle mayor along with Mapunity is working towards building an application as an initiative to increase more number of people cycling to work.

How: Cycle to work

Was is always possible? Yes,

What is new? It will bring out the competitor in you :)

Commercial street pedestrian only!

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Jenny, Neha and I got chance to meet up with Commercial Street association head, Ajay Motwani on 7th Dec. The meeting was to discuss about an event which we are planning to have on 7th Jan, where the entire commercial street is made pedestrian only.

Need volunteers and suggestions for water index project


To give a quick dump, Bangalore water index is a project, where we aim to track the "water health" of our city in a numerical way.
This involve all kind of dat ranging from the quality to the supply side. We aim to consider the cost etc as well while calculating this index.

For further details please refer

Free service from Traffic police

Do not know if it is true but got a message today saying:

Send 'Join BTP' to 567678 to receive traffic alerts at 8am, 9am, 5pm, 7pm and 8pm... free service from traffic police.

It is a good initiative if enough people start utilizing this service.
Though I still think this service should be area specific but I do understand that can be hard.

We get such information on radio as well but most of the times everyone is listening to it while on road, stuck in traffic :)

Karnataka State pollution control board (KSPCB) - active?


They have 10 offices in Bangalore alone (isnt that good news ;)
They have a lot of laboratories which are set up for KSPCB for data analysis and data gathering.
The site says "Samples collected by the Regional Offices of the Board, Industries, Organizations and from general public are analysed."
When i read this I only get evil ideas (evil because it might not be fun for a lot of people)

They have listed a number of parameter that they analyze.
Industrial waste water has: 41 parameters
Air: 6 parameters
Water: 26 parameters.

They have things like "monthly avg result of national ambient air quality" and "classification of river water quality as per GEMS and MINARS"
The only small, tiny winy problem is they have failed to update any new reports and the last one is of 2007.

The last annual plan has been put up for year 2006-2007.

So I have a simple question, what happened to KSPCB? Does it exist? If it does then where are the reports?
If they have reports then cant we file RTI to get it?

air sample parameters

Bangalore Patrol

Times of India along with Janaagrah launch Bangalore Patrol (starting tomorrow) says the cover page of TOI today. I tried to look for it online but couldnt find a thing about the same. But if you have a TOI around check it out, it is impossible to miss.

According to the Advertisement "Bangalore patrol involves a stringent ward infrastructure and services assessment programme with the singular aim of demanding direct evaluating and accountability from the local administrative and governance system."

They will start with 5 essential civic rights of water supply, Mobility, Sanitation, Environment and Public amenities.

It will measure the same in 198 wards. By doing so they intend to monitor the work of our newly elected representative's in each of the wards. In my opinion the best measure of performance and also at the same time we get a good idea about our city.
According to the article "Progress report will be based on simple objective performance evaluation criteria and will be freely available to the public, empowering them to demand answers" 

Idea for Bus day event - bus only corridors?

BusPublic Transport

For the bus day, one of the things in discussion is to block a few corridors and allow only buses. Does anyone have any idea which corridors can be used? Also there should be a possible diversion for the cars and auto etc to go.

It would be very helpful if it can be mapped on a google map.

800 out of 4000 BMTC buses have bilingual destination boards

BusPublic Transport

Only 800 BMTC buses have bilingual destination boards, while the remaining 4000-odd regular buses have Kannada only boards. It is the top political leadership that appears to be standing in the way.

Consolidated list of suggestions for BMTC meeting tomorrow!

BusPublic Transport

Please leave a comment if you think somthing is missed out so that we can include it.

BMTC's response to PRAJA's suggestions on Volvo

BusPublic Transport

It is important that BMTC and Praja work together so that we can get people's voice to the right people and make a difference.

BIG10, KSOL, KSBL - Route Details

BusPublic Transport
BIG10, KSOL, KSBL - Route Details
Sl No
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