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JUSCO kicked out of water supply in Mysore


So finally the exclusive rights of JUSCO for water supply have been removed. But it was the CM who had to make the call.

Can we find out more about why? Because this is exactly the way usurious profits are made.  and water is not a place where profits should be made. Water is a basic human need. Please refer:

JUSCO fined 2.5 crores

The Commssioner Mysore CC Mr Raikar is quoted (19-2-2012) as saying that  JUSCO was trying to loot the MCC at every stage. it has already been fined RS 2.5 crores for non -perofmance and it is inept, and inexperienced after 3 years to deal with public and elected reps complaints every month he says.

many questions about UIDAI by Home Minister


IN many ways an open debate was long overdue. But now with salvos fired against UID by the Home Ministry, Planning commission, security analysts jurists and civil society.  Now it is clear that it is patronage that has kept UID alive for so long.

Karnataka - Right to Services Act Bill proposal


Here is the full bill proposed by the GoK



many questions about UIDAI by Home Minister


IN many ways the open debate was long overdue with salvos fired against UID by the Home Ministry, Planning commission, security analysts jurists and civil society.  Now its is clear that it is patronage that has kept UID alive for so long. Patronage by PM to Nandan means the power equations are also becoming apparent

Do we need transparency and legal processes in new road projects in Bangalore / Karnataka?

Everything else



Despite all the calls for good governance and  transparency and so much to do with roads, in terms of corruption why does this kind of news keep on happening.

We dont know whether Tender Sure was discussed by Janagraha IUSF, BCCT etc with many 'experts' as mentioned in the

'development' under police protection

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Is this how people are excluded from the way policy and schemes are implemented?

LOCAL Scams RTI and political activism


Seems quite amazing that since 2 1/2 years and even before the Govt has sunk in land scams and we all knew this from the politicians affidavits in elections but the lid was blown by the former CM and political opponents and RTI activists.

In the emergency how many more people were on the streets

RAJAs TATAs and what about all the local scams


what if any is the link with the growing corporate style industrialisation and the increasing corruption in the state

how many clearances are now required by the SEZ ( Centre) and Industrial townships and Industrial corridor policies. Sezs were first brought in as a GO in 2000 by NDA govt, 5 yrs later the UPA passed the law. in 2009 the SEZ policy was issued by the state

quick survey of last mile power supply


Is there any way to find out thru prajegalu about where, when, and how much power cut is happening in which areas during the weekdays and weekends.

its currently declared that 5 hours are being cut in unscheduled load shedding, some changes are already announced for M -SME areas of MAhadevpura, Peenya, Rajajinagar etc

this might have been 2-3 hours last year

JUSCO se logon ko Gussa Kyon aata hai?


so many drinking water woes with the Monsoon in full swing  and people having empty taps now when there is more water, talk about mess-ups again

deadlines missed, monies stopped does it sound any different than before? Yes it does! 

USTDA & BWSSB - how to track their agreement?


How do we track this MoA ? Is it available on Web? What is the locus standi of USTDA to sign this? seems like 20 crores of objectives with which the US TDA will squeeze MUCH more out of Bangalore, despite all the backlash USAID, DFID, cioties Alliance, WB and Janaagraha have got already (see opposition to the GBWASP MoU)

Seems like a major health hazard like Radon gas in Borewell  water also squeezed past all the research till now, while the Palike is still sinking more borewells since the BWSSB is not able to supply enough water.

This kind of unhindered growth is unsustainable and must stop, but we shd slow it down first. The problem started with the 270 mld which came in 2002 Suddenly all felt there was enough water and a boom in construction and that caused the major mismatch in the common resources drawn or available


BWSSB inks pact with USTDA
Bangalore, Sep 26, 2009 DH News Service:

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) on Friday signed an agreement with United State Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to undertake Integrated Water Management in the City.

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