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January 2011

CRS meeting with RS DyChmn Rahman Khan on 29th Jan

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Myself, Naveen & Sanjeev met with Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Shri Rahman Khan. The meeting was arranged by Shri Maqbool Siraj via Syed. He grasped the concept & subject very well since he has been talking about similar initiatives for a long time. He also understood the need very well and we didn't have to convince him on the concept at all.

Amenities at City stations - What is wrong with SWR?

Commuter RailPublic Transport

I am not an expert in the Indian Railways. Therefore, if my rant is in the wrong direction, I would really appreciate if someone can put me in my place.

APAD <25/01/2011> Lane driving, but wrong :)


I am sure everyone sees usually. But wanted to record here. Also tried to track owner using but none of KA51 registrations are searchable. Location Koramangala. in Kripanidhi College signal. Vehicle is entering from 4th block side. Time approx 8.45am.

Stickers sent to first 25 DDC Pledgers


 Thanks DDC Pledgers,

First 25 pledged members have been sent DDC stickers. We know stickers are not so user friendly for pasting in car bumber. You may find little difficult, please bear with that. 

1) Ensure that you practice disciplined driving else your sticker will be like any other fancy sticker. 

Municipalika 2011 - Good Urban Governance Conference & Exhibition

27 Jan 2011 10:00
29 Jan 2011 18:41
Urban DevelopmentGovernance

9th International Conference on "Good Urban Governance for Safe, Healthy, Green & Smart Cities"

co-terminus with

9th International Exhibition on "Urban Infrastructure, Municipal Services & Built - Environment" comment guidelines

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