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Bus really stops at the stop with this!


Really interesting technology to get the bus stop at a stop..

Volvo pass rate hike


The volvo pass fare has been increased by 150 Rs and now pass costs 1800 for BMTC ID card holders. The pass price for Govt ID card holders is 1850. The minimum price i.e 10 Rs for two to four stages remains same. Eventhough BMTC has good profits prices are being hiked.

BMTC volvo hike loses passengers by 50%


After hike in volvo fares BMTC is turned out to be losing passengers.

More details at below link



BRTS for Bangalore: feasibility, suggestions


I was reading through some of the BRTS all over the world both failed and success stories. I wanted to check how feasible to implement this in Bangalore and is there any other alternative to improve the existing system. The major reasons of BRTS failure are:

Mid day pass, and age for senior citizen pass in BMTC


Kudos to KSRTC for age reduction - now decreased fare by 25% for senior citizens for 60 yrs from 65 earlier.

But still in BMTC daily pass is still 50 for senior citizen even after having proof.

They accept only BMTC id card. Why should we need one more card if we already have KSRTC id card /voter's id/govt id card ?

Mysore ITS - Experience to share


I was in Mysore this weekend along with my laptop and Internet Dongle. 1 Month back, Intelligent Transport System, an online tracking of buses was launched in Mysore. Project is called 'Mitra'.

accidents involving commercial vehicles


I have always wondered why nothing has been done about  commercial passenger(or goods) carrying vehicles with regard to serious accidents and the reckless practices they indulge in.

Chengddu makes bus travel free, BMTC costlier than two wheelers!


Our BMTC costlier than 2 -wheelar and cars....

Can we propose to have ticket rates as 5,10,15,20,25 to avoid change problem and corruption ?

Like 5Rs for first 3 stage, then 10 for 4-8, 15 for 9-13, 20 for 14-18 and so on......

Mini BRTS and Elevated BRTS


Delhi is Planning for Elevated BRTS.

Here is the link  for more details.

For smaller cities (Tier II cities), CEPT is planning for 'Mini' BRTS using Mini buses since normal buses need more width. 

BMTC costlier than 2 -wheelar


Once again just in name of diesel hike BMTC has hiked bus fares comment guidelines

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