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Bus Day Fever - Petroleum Ministry to observe every Wednesday as 'Bus Day'


Who had thought that one day 'Bus Day' observance will go places. Though in Bangalore it has relegated to a monthly ritual, since Feb 2010, it has been tried in many cities including Chennai, Cochin etc.

Namma Rasthe .. New Project for BRTS


Hi Praja Admin,

Shall we have a new Project by name Namma Rasthe.. or whatever, we can have a poll for that infact for discussion on BRTS.

Namma Rasthe as said by buses, cycles and pedestrains procuring space from cars and other private vehicles. 

BRTS, Bus Priority or similar concepts for Bangalore

This is a book page to hold together discussions on BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System), BPS (Bus Priority System) or similar bus based prioritized transporation systems. Please outline any widely read, discussed, or citizen-conducted research type posts under this page.

First and Last Mile connects for BMTC

This is a book page to hold together discussions on these subjects related to BMTC

  • First and Last mile connectivity to BMTC routes
  • Usage of minibuses by BMTC
  • Planning and routing of feeder or local shuttle services by BMTC

BMTC's encouraging mini bus talk - good going Mr Parwez


Amidst all the press that BMTC is getting recently, one thing that caught attention was talk of mini buses, shuttles and feeder routes. As we all know, feeder plans, and solid execution of first/last mile connects can help increase usage of BMTC as well as (future) metro.

Here are the bytes I have picked up (read in print, so don't have links handy, will search and add later)

BMTC's Trunk & Feeder services


BMTC has at long last announced commencement of the Trunk & Feeder Services (check here), which was what was envisaged when the Big-10 services were started.

BMTC losing out on outdoor advertising revenues?

You see colorful, big, bright, and sometimes visually polluting hoardings, legal as well as illegal, crowding out road side air space almost everywhere in Bengaluru. The cacophony of imagery and colors tells you that there is decent demand for outdoor advertising.

Save women commuters from sexual harassment in BMTC buses - suggestion


Women commuters are the silent sufferers of certain harassments being meted out to them during their journeys in BMTC buses. With uncontrolled influx of people into Namma Bengaluru,  more and more people are using the BMTC buses.  One can find young women rushing to board buses, however crowded they may be, with the sole intention of reaching their destinations.

Wonder what happened to TTMCs


Hi, I was wondering what happened to TTMC's or Bus stations. I stay near K R Puram. I feel there should be a Bus Stand or TTMC in KR Puram so that it can be well connected to various parts of city. For e.g If they introduce a BMTC bus from K R Puram to Whitefield via Bhattarahalli or via Budigere Cross. Half the people would prefer this since this less crowded. comment guidelines

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