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Big10 extension in the CBD

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I have been trying to make this post for a long time. After a lot of time spent on this, I have been able to come up with the routes where the Big10 routes can be extended within the CBD.

Post the extension, the need for KS as an interchange service for Big10 will reduce considerably. Each big10 route will be connected directly to every other Big10 route.

The guidelines followed to come up with the routes are

1.   The buses do not terminate at arbit locations on a road, but instead at proper bus stations, that will help the drivers/conductors, who get proper canteen and urinal facilities, and other road users, since the road is not blocked by the buses.

2.  Every Big10 coming into the CBD is connected to every other big10 moving out of the CBD.

Based on the above principles, I have come up with the following routes. (btw, let me add that the changes to traffic movements on the Richmond circle flyover will not impact the routes)

Big10 extensions in CBD

I am not sure if the above picture is clear. I am not very good with graphics and the like, nor do I have good software tools for the same.

The above graphic shows all the existing Big10 routes near the CBD in bright red. The 10 Big10 routes are combined to 5 routes within the CBD. The combination of routes is mainly on the basis of their entry point within the CBD. two nearby entry points are combined into one route within the CBD. Only Magadi road Big10 has a separate route since it enters the CBD from the west and there are no other entry points nearby.

Kindly do let me know your opinion on such the routing. The concept of extending the Big10 have been discussed before, but there is no stoppping on such issues, if we can have newer perspectives.

PS: Request you to please keep the discussion around the topic and not drift to the profitability of Volvos!!

-Srivatsava V



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Great job - can u use google maps?

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Srivatsava - great job man.

But sorry, i am not able to follow all the routes. A suggestion - why dont u use google maps to indicate these routes. It is pretty easy to do it. Can u please try that - i can hep u with that.

The probability that someone would use Big10/Big5 to travel between adjacent roads is less. Like u have combined Bellary Road and Tumkur Road - there are multiple roads joining these two roads with buses running on them. Same is the case with Airport road and Whitefield road.

Would it be a better idea to club opposite routes (like Bellary road and Kanakpura road, Airport road and Mysore road, Sarjapur road and Tumkur Road, etc) rather than clubbing adjacent routes as suggest in the above model?

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BIG 10 & Railway Stations

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Dear Mr. Srivatsava,

It will be much more useful if these services are routed throgh City & Cantt. Railway stations.

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