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Proud of my Corporator?


I just went across the profile of the candidate whom has won the BBMP election from my ward. I 'shamefully' admit to have voted for this person. Given that I had little info on the three candidates contesting, I just went by the party.

Now, I do realise that this great person is a 2nd PUC failure!!

Do you have any better luck, corporators that you be proud of?

And, considering that we have pushed ourselves in the levels of education since the Constitution was drafted in 1950, and considering that the urban electorate is a little more educated than the semi-urban or rural parts - Isnt it the time for us to review the minimal educational requirements of our candidates, atleast for urban local bodies?

With only such candidates on offer, can we ever expect them to understand the various issues of administration, let alone solve them? Your thoughts, rants, and solutions appreciated!!

-Srivatsava V

Mysore Road - Choke Point 1 - Guddadahalli Junction

TrafficTraffic jams

The BBMP has propsed that the stretch from Sirsi Circle to Gali Anjaneya Temple on Mysore Road be widened. This involves chopping trees all along the stretch. These are already well-known plans from the news reports and praja discussions. There are a couple of estimates on the number of trees to be chopped some saying 50 and some 100+. But, lets not be get into the numbers. Whats important is to find ways to solve the bottleneck without chopping the trees, if any available.

Mysore Road starts from KR Market. Vehicles zip across from Town hall on the flyover for about 2.5 kms, pass over the Sirsi Circle, and get struck at the ramp of the flyover. Why ? There is a choke point immediately after the flyover (about 150mts away).

As-Is road plan at Mysore Rd - Guddahalli Junction

Feeder Routes as 'Branded' Service

BusPublic Transport

One of the most publisied initivates of the BMTC last year was the intoroduction of the Big10 routes. On some routes, it was just a renaming of the route number, but  it was always useful since it was 'Branded Service'. People anywhere can easily identify a Big-10 bus easily and a lot of people realise the routes that these buses ply on.

Another branding attempt from BMTC has been the 'Big Circle', for buses that ply mainly on the Ring Road. I happened to see a K-series bus on Jayanagar 30th Cross and this has been on Praja before. Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Atal Saarige have also been some other 'branding' attempts by BMTC.

For the two bus days (Feb and March), BMTC had made arrangements to run feeder services in select areas.  Some of these are permanent in nature and not restricted to only a day in a month. There have been other feeder services (FDR1 to FDR-6 for the Uttarahalli/Chikkalsandra/BSK areas being one of the earliest). Why cant these buses be branded in a common way?

Metro Soil Testing 2010 - Phase 3?

Metro RailPublic Transport


I have noticed metro soil testing at various locations in Bangalore this month.

Mid-last year, there was one round of soil testing done and the DPR for Phase-2 was to be out in aug/Sep 2009. Seems like thats still pending.

Big10 extension in the CBD

I have been trying to make this post for a long time.

Accident rate down..


Saw this in today's (13th Apr) TOI...

Guidelines for bus feeder services

BusPublic Transport

During the Big10 meeting with Prof. Ashwin Mahesh, it was suggested that Praja-galu can suggest feeder bus services, which the professor could take up with BMTC.

Trees to be back on Sheshadri Road

Saw this article in todays TOI

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