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"Bus Priority System" - pilot G1/333

Project number:3815
Opened by:silkboard
Opened on:Tuesday, 12 October 2010 - 6:28pm
Last modified:Wednesday, 31 August 2011 - 9:00am
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A serious switch to public transport (PT) can be triggered if PT can move at closer or better effective speed compared to cars/mobikes. Buses are prime mode of PT in Bengaluru, and would be so for near future. While BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) is the broader concept, smart things like bus priority at signals, bus lanes only at small critical stretches, etc can help speed them up.

This is the project to push for "Bus Priority System" (aka BPS) in Bangalore via concrete proposals. To keep the focus, Big10 route G1, running primarily on Old Airport Road will be the corridor for action and research. Signals on G1 route, Bus Day as a vehicle to experiment, and access to BMTC, who are fairly open and accessible are some of the tools available to us. We may consult with experts and technicians as needed, but the idea is not be super technical, but produce a solid enough report that can make our City buy the concept, and take formal steps towards implementation. Once we move well on detailing G1/Old Airport Road, we can create more projects to cover other corridors.

PS: For reference and background, see past discussions tagged BRTS, or Big10.

Praja RAAG

Keeping bus lane clear - how hard will it be?

Two videos, one from the NYC, US, and another Bangkok, Thailand. East or West, keeping Bus lanes clear isn't that easy. How will we do it in Bangalore? Bus mounted Cameras to take snapshots of moving vehicles ahead, and fine random 10 every day from the pictures taken? Or simple 'heavy fine' warning to induce fear?

BPS moves ahead


Final version of BPS concept paper - any fresh ideas?

Time to move past the draft stage, and finalize a first version of BPS concept paper. We can then resume the "advocacy exercise" with BMTC and BBMP. Starting this post to collect new ideas that would add to what we have already summarized in the draft version (see last project post).

Bus Priority Concept paper from Praja - draft ready

We got delayed due to unavoidable reasons, but the concept paper on Bus Priority System (BPS) for Bengaluru is now nearing completion. Find attached a draft version, look forward to comments from those familiar with BRT and related concepts. Our goal is to prepare a crisp document that would provide a picture of what BPS is and how it can be applied to our arterial routes.

Meet to Plan BPS concept paper, Jan 20, 9.30 PM IST

20 Jan 2011 21:30

Transmog, Naveen, IDS, Albert, Shaheen and others (Karthik?) - with Jan 31 as sort of a deadline to hand over a Concept Paper on BPS to BMTC and BBMP, let us do that long pending meeting to exchange Q&A on BPS and plan collaboration on the concept paper.

BPS vs BRTS - an FAQ

Common answers to questions regarding BPS concept with respect to BRTS.

BPS Concept Paper

This project wiki details the concept of Bus Priority System (BPS) with G1 route as concrete example. Contents of this wiki will be used to publish a concept paper on BPS. the concept paper will be mailed to key stakeholders for the BPS proposals, like BMTC, BBMP, and Bangalore Traffic Police.

Mobilicity report - session on Bus Priority System

Apologies for delay in logging in this report. Real tight on time due to office work. I will request Naveen and Shaheen to log their individual reports/notes as well, had requested them to take notes during the session. So yeah, here is a quick summary.

Intermittent Bus Lanes - an input for BPS

Those of you who are coming over to CiSTUP/IISc on Jan 10 will get to hear about in from the Professor himself. But the "intermittent bus lane" concept that was demonstrated at Lisbon in 2005 could be a source of input for evolving Bus Priority System (BPS) proposals in Bangalore.

Bus Priority meeting report, BMTC, Dec 22

The BMTC meeting was to discuss about Bus Priority along the 335E/G1 route (ie. from Richmond circle to ITPL/Whitefield). In principle, BMTC is keen on this project & we were told that there were a total of five corridors that they were looking at for such bus priority routes.

Meeting with BMTC MD on Bus Priority, confirmed!

22 Dec 2010 15:00

Mr Pasha has given us time on Dec 22 at 3 PM to discuss Bus Priority System project. The meeting will be focused on BPS or at maximum current status of BRTS projects at BMTC.

I can take along maximum 5 folks with me. Please leave a comment if you want to join. BPS project members will be preferred.

We could go with following agenda for the meeting:

Letter to Mr Pasha, sent Nov 18

Here is the letter sent to Mr Pasha, MD of BMTC, requesting for a meeting on the subject of Bus Priority System. Sent on Nov 18, no direct reply was rceived from him. To Mr Pasha's credit, someone had called from BMTC during last week of November, and promised to arrange a meeting and also supply the information we had asked for.

City inches closer to special bus corridors

“Shortly, we will be implementing the BRTS in the city,” said Pasha.

Bus Priority - Project updates

Dear project members, make sure you subscribe to this post. We will all share project updates via comments here. Easiest way to subscribe is to leave a comment.

As of mid Nov, where are we?

Meeting with Mr Balachandran, Alchemy Urban Systems

Yesterday, IDS, Naveen and myself met with Mr B R Balachandran, an Urban design & planning specialist. Mr Balachandran has experience with Ahmadabad BRTS, and is a big backer of the BRT/BPS concepts.

Bus Priority - calling for help

Bus Priority System may or may not be BRTS, but if you agree that the Bus needs some speeding up, and want BRTS or good enough half-measures for Bangalore, we need you. Bus Priority System (BPS) may seem like castles in thin air right now, but it will remain that way a bit longer if you decide to keep away. To your question - what help does the project need? Here:

G1/Old Airport Road - corridor detail, files

See leading note (below) from earlier discussion, and also the attached files on corridor detailing, and signal cycle times.


Exclusive bus lanes might not be necessary on old Airport rd because :

Possible priority bus corridors

Continuing from previous discussion, possible routes...

1) St.Patricks, Brigade Rd to ITPL (on Old Airport rd) ==> focus for our project here.

2) RM Guttahalli to Yelahanka (along Bellary Rd)


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