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Quick-fix solutions for traffic snarls! Quick?

TIMES NEWS NETWORK Bangalore: The BBMP’s Rs 1-crore underpass project will move from the casting yard to on-site locations next week. Excavation work and other preparations like shifting utilities on the stretch between Windsor Manor and Hebbal flyover will begin from Monday. This quick fix solution is a move to replace underpass and flyover projects, which cost at least Rs 20 crore per project and take 2-3 years for completion. Instead, casting elements — RCC arch segment box and square boxes — will be fitted in just a day at a cost not exceeding Rs 1 crore. BBMP sources said work at the three casting yards — Okalipuram, Peenya and Hebbal — is proceeding briskly and elements for three underpasses will be ready by this weekend. This project will be used to clear bottlenecks near Windsor Manor Bridge, BDA Junction, Cauvery Junction, CBI Junction and Sanjaynagar Junction. In effect, all traffic signals between two locations will be removed to facilitate free flow of traffic. And all this will be done within 60 days. The BBMP has also identified 26 bottlenecks, which will be cleared using this quick fix measures. “Drawings are ready for KR Circle, which will be taken up next. All traffic signals on the Outer Ring Road will be removed and a study is already underway,’’ said the BBMP officials. ----------------------- Highlight - no signal btwn Windsor Manor and Hebbal flyover QUick is fine and welcome..but how safe is it? anyone has any idea about this? I read somewhere that it was being done with Malaysian help with some German technology. If its that cheap and fast why didnt we do it earlier or why are we not doing it wide spread now? Whatever it is reading about it makes me think that its the panacea for all our ills!! Bangalore north-south, east-west corridor using this.. Pedestrian crossing using this tech..
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not so quick fix underpasses..

Times carried an article yesterday saying that the 72 hour underpasses cannot be in place so fast due to clearences from BWSSB and other agencies.. We discussed this some time ago.. Why does it take so much time for the great brains in the governament realize these things? Every s/w project we do has a retrospective session at the end to analyse what went well and more particularly what went wrong in the project. This is to make the right corrective decissions to fix things.. I think after any underpass or flyover construction..its only the fan fare during the opening ceremony and bill clearances later that are thought about and nothing else!
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the underpass at cauvery junction is going through a lot of teething troubles. need to consolidate references on that. but looking at this image from deccan herald, it occurred to me that perhaps this is too good to be true. i hope they donot use these indiscriminately especially on main throughfares because this will restrict the width of vehicles that can pass through. that could come us bite us. i hope full featured fire engines can pass through these. i also hope wide loads heading to and from all the sundry labs can use them.
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U turn on the way to airport?

Was seeing the TOI updated today on the underpass at cauvery jn. It shows an sketch of what is coming up and I should say its unimaginable(replaced word with something moderate) of the so called engineers to comeup with such a solution.. They are inrtoducing a U turn in the road coming from windsor manor towards hebbal! I understand that there is a constraint on the other side having the walls of the palace grounds. But with this design they will create a lot of unwanted jams instead of solving it! Instead they could have asked Wadiyar Uncle for some land (1/2 acre) to widen the roads at the junction and re-allign the underpass. He wouldnt have objected for sure.
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Uncle wadiyar...

Uncle wadiyar played spoilsport... All this 72 hour circus was not required if he had provided land. He has been dragged to courts kicking and screaming but still manages to hold on to the land. I believe it is still under litigation. The U turn is not going to solve problems. The width of the road is going to remain the same without Uncles cooperation... moreover traffic will slow down to take U turn especially Busses. So there goes the benefit of a signal-less intersection and 1 crore down the drain.
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pre cast subways

The great brains of BBMP should have tried this first as sub-ways. This would have never failed. And they could have been confident. They certainly need to be wide. What if a vehicle breaks down? But I see a hope for this. Some improvisation of this could see many unwanted and yearlong constructions take this pre-cast route. Wadiyar may not be willing to give anymore land as quite a chunk has already been given while Mekhri underpass.
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Wow that is small !!!

Looking at the width it seems like we can add 3 more people to the ones already standing there, that makes around 8 people. So that's like a Car + 1 auto or a car and 3 bikes. How is the approach to the underpass, does it have the same width and is it sufficiently long so the on coming traffic is "massaged" well before the underpass is reached? Does anyone have an idea?
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any body here know the traffic plan for this? how is the traffic supposed to flow. why are people taking u-turns? i was hoping they would have 4 lanes of the secondary road pass through these under the main road to hebbal. solpa details.
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was this planned for doom ?

well this would be replicated in other places on how successful these installations are.. so was there someone with an interest in big projects that take 3 years involved in the efficient planning of this underpass at a u turn ?
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U turn shown in TOI

was searching thru google for pre-cast up's and came up with this.. Isnt this close to what we need? Can read more at
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U turn

Vehicles travelling towards Airport from the Center of the city on Chowdaiaha Road/ Bellary Road/ NH7 have to make a left on Sankey Tank Road and then make a U turn (Red arrow on the map from TOI) and then again make a left turn from Sankey Tank Road to Chowdaiaha Road/ Bellary Road/ NH7.


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cauvery junction

blrsri & ajay thanks a lot for the pic and explanations. i am trying to figure out what this achieves. do you see any advantages of this underpass?
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i was looking up articles, in one of the hindu articles it was mentioned that they used subsurface sensing to check for pipelines and rocks, and guess what they found when digging the place up? pipelines and rocks!!
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U Turn

http://bengaloorubanter.b... Courtesy Biker Dude.


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ajay thanks... actually i waorking on some line drawings myself. still some unkwns will work post later. but bikerdoode was funny. thanks. :)
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folks, is there a right turn to sankey road for those coming from hebbal?
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signal after the underpass exit !

not sure..but they can put something up like this! they did it at richmond flyover..they can do it anywhere.. perhaps they might also decide to use the 're-usability' feature of the underpasses and they might go digging elsewhere and replacing it there!
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Yes.. it was there till the

Yes.. it (right turn) was there till the time i travelled last on the road. ( around 6 months back) comment guidelines

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