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BDA Junction - now open!

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Posting this on behalf of Photoyogi, he is at BDA junction right now, watching temporary traffic chaos live as the magic box there has just now been opened to public. First reports indicate that due to lack of clear communication on new traffic routing plan (see this recent post that has the new plan), folks are struggling to find their way around. Please tell your journalist friends to carry the new route map sketched here earlier in tomorrow's papers so that the chaos can ease.

Pictures and more reactions to follow later tonight. Watch this post for updates.

[Updates @ 7:30 pm]

No fancy fanfare It was amids heavy downpour The BDA Junction was informally opened. I use the word Informally cos it was not really inaugurated by some white shirt clad politicians but by the BBMP Commissioner and some Police top brass.
Way to go BBMP! Everyone braved the rain and prayed to God it would work! hehe!
Being an optimist I hope too it works I hope some one reads some of the comments on the traffic flow and takes suitable pointers. Meanwhile here are some much awaited pictures.

As i have pointed out earlier too the road behind Palace Lodge is too narrow that is going to cause issues.
We will probably have more people passing thru this junction tomm after they have read the newspapers. BBMP please do keep a look out the the real airport traffic has not yet started.


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BDA Jn Finally opened Photo update!

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[{Admin} moved to the main post itself, as this really belongs there, and shouldn't be lost in comments.]

-- PhotoYogi

How to upload pics?

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I took pics of the opening of Malleswaram underpass and a small video as well. I would like to now how to put it online.

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way to go...

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I like soft openings! But how was the initial flow of traffic? is it too narrow to even start with?
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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cadambi, upload pics on flickr. paste links here. also possible: mail pics to me, i will upload them for you.
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Re: How to upload pics?

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Try this help page . The method is little contorted at the moment though. Best is to upload to flickr and embed them. That is how the photos in this post have been attached. You can upload the video to youtube and just paste the link. It would automatically get embedded. -Shastri


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Initial Observations @ BDA Jn

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Narayan, Its too early in the evening arrive at a conclusion. however i noticed that the side lanes were fairly free with most of the traffic flowing above the flyover signal free :-)

I would like to observe tomm mornings traffic and the traffic after the airport opens to come to any sort of conclusions
-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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yogi bear

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awesome man! your neighborhood. you the man. cant wait for your analysis. thanks for the pic on mr. desai.
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Yogi - you are truely not an "ARMCHAIR CRITIC"

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Praveen Sundaram Avare,

Koti koti thanks for all your updates, photos etc. You are becoming a beacon of hope for praja community. Everytime we are swooped with not-so-encouraging news, you brings us the hope. Thanks man. Truely, you are not an "ARMCHAIR CRITIC".

BTW, is the Cauvery Junction underpass helping the traffic in real sense? I hope it is not like flyovers which has just moved one traffic congestion/bottleneck to the other end of the flyover.

keep up the good work



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Thanks Syedji

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Hi Syed, Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, I would ask other praja members to join in and file in even camera phone pics. That way we can be the watchdogs and get what we need. I am an optimist i believe we have to be the change we want.

-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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Chaos prevails at BDA Jn

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Blame it on the rains or users who are still confused on what is happening or plain bad traffic planning. Its possibly a combination of all of these. There was utter chaos at the BDA Jn at least at theroad level. The traffic over the flyover seemed to be flowing a shade smoother. The residents of the road behind Palace lodge have woken up and protested on heavy traffic flowing thru the narrow alley. Result --- chaos and don't know who did it but there was a BBMP barricade that had found its place in the middle of the road. The U turn on the palace road side (pl ref yesterdays pics) has gotten shifted further up towards near chakravarthy layout.@ a narrow section there -- result --- long waiting queue and i happen to witness a live accident! (Honda city + mini truck) What the hell was Photoyogi doing with out his camera! hehe I was going to drop some relatives to city railway station and time was not on my side.. On the whole, I guess my first analysis (along with the pointers from Naveen ) i feel will sort the issues. But will make the junction with complex signals and cops on both sides of the road. Soooo, what went wrong (sigh), Some how i feel there was not sufficient analysis done. they (BBMP) did not account for th heavy flow of traffic from malleshwaram side.there could be more things to look out for. As for me am back to sketching options on paper i will share with you guys once i see the airport traffic soon. comments , suggestions on signal V/s Signal less junctions? TS your inputs pls -- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

Non-functioning street lights

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When there are no street lights, vehicles are forced to use high beam and this in turns slows down vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Even the high beam which reflects on the opposite car through the mirrors causes irritation to the drivers who then slow down their vehicles.

There is inadequate lighting in the BDA Junction. Teething problems will be there - this will get solved over time.

In the Malleswaram underpass, the junction at the end of Geethanjali theatre gets blocked, while rest of the roads are realtively traffic free now.

But still a lot of vehicles use Margosa road as two way and buses are still not aware of the new arrangement. There were some BMTC officials directing and surveying buses today. comment guidelines

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