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METRO? When?

We are talking of busses as a alternative till the metro comes up..but actually how safe are they? Its almost weekly that they go about claiming lives of innocent people, including children..I would say a serious study needs to be done as to how many busses a road can take at any point in time and limits should be set on that! Coming to the metro train itself, if they are deciding compensation for CMH road and distributing now..when will they do the rest of Bangalore? This task doesnt need engineers..cant it be done faster and cant we open up multiple tracks of work? Enough of creating pipe dreams on the way the stations would doesn't matter more than a child's smile, unmindful of the busses around and breathing better air or a old person not being challenged while trying to cross a road! Delay will lead to cost escalations in acquiring land and more problems! Today they are debating about cutting down 37 trees in lalbagh..tomorrow a strike for that.. where is Bangalores Sreedharan? We need the trains fast before the busses can take more lives!
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In the second such incident reported in the last four days in Bangalore, an irate mob damaged five Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses and blocked traffic on Jayamahal Road following the death of a three-year-old boy in a road accident on Sunday. ------------------------------------- around a quarter of an acre β€” will be taken from the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. BMRC has proposed to construct the Lalbagh station of the Namma Metro on R V Road abutting the park. It will take over a patch of Lalbagh measuring 5 meters wide and 135 meters long and starting from the West gate towards the South End circle. the stretch of the land that will be acquired has eucalyptus grove, besides some rocky terrain. The State Executive Committee on January 17, 2007 approved the handing over of 1,135 sq meters of Lalbagh land (along R V Road) to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation to implement the proposed Namma Metro project. The Executive Committee, however, kept the subject under wraps fearing a backlash from Greens, official sources told Deccan Herald. Besides, the Executive Committee has decided to amend the Karnataka Park and Preservation Act 1975 to clear the hurdles for a smooth takeover of the portion of Lalbagh. β€œIn the absence of the Legislature to amend the Act, the Executive Committee decided to place it before Parliament in the next session,” the sources said. The Act forbids any non-horticulture activity inside Lalbagh. The State Horticulture department was also against the takeover. Department officials at several meetings held in the past, had asked BMRC to look for an alternative land and to keep off Lalbagh. The BMRC officials ruled out any change in the Metro alignment, as work was already on in full pace. The Executive Committee has also decided to hand over 1,123 sq meters of the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park along T Chowdiah Road to the BBMP , to widen the existing road. Deccan Herald: Namma Metro Set to Shrink Lalbagh
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Buses do not kill

I am afraid I take a different view to this. Buses do not kill. Its the drivers driving them that kill, its terrible drivers of other vehicles that add to this, its lack of pedestrians being given a priority.....these are the factros that kill. Such emotive reasons should not be reason for Metro or mono-rail which cost many times more. In Mumbai 10 lives are lost each day on rail tracks!! Buses don't kill in Mumbai or London - its to do with driver training and general road discipline. ASJ
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cost of an accident

buses, trams, streetcars, light rail, heavy rail etc etc cannot avoid crossing paths with pedestrians simply by the virtue of the fact that they share common space with people and light vehicles. conflicts and collisions between buses, trains etc and people can perhaps be reduced and if they really do a good job, perhaps minimized, but it cannot be eliminated. impossible. it is not always the bus/bus driver's fault either. and like the proverbial knife and fruit, irrespective of whether a bus hits me or i hit the bus, if i am in a collision with a bus, chances are i will be bearing most of the consequences. irrespective of the systems in place, accidents/mistakes are not an exception on the road but a norm. all systems are only designed to minimize the impact of mistakes on roads not eliminate them. the real question is what is the value of the consequences of mistakes in our books? The cost of road death according to Road User Cost Study is Rs 210554 (1990 prices) and according to a report by Tata Consultancy services the cost is Rs 535489 (1999 prices)!!!! (You can read about accident costing in an article by sudhir & akbar: Even if you double the estimates, is this all a life is worth? level 5 peons in a branch office in thanisandra make more than that in a month, forget babus and mla's and the cm.
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the drivers dont kill either..

I was travelling in an auto few years ago and they had released a diesel verison of the auto. My auto driver mentioned that drivers drving the diesel vehicles were resorting to alcohol drinking to get a break from the constant rattling in the diesel autos.. That was the case of the autos only..then! Now coming to the busses..the sheer number on the roads has contributed to the cause of accidents..we talk of too many vehicles on the roads of bangalore..any idea how many busses are there and whats the optimum number that the roads can handle? Also the drivers dont have the privilege of power steering unlike the volvos..its brute force needed to steer in crawling traffic! So, its the traffic that kills..and metro can mitigate the traffic problem to an extent! And our metro is not at grade unlike mumbai local to make it a suicide option..
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whats going on with metro? no jan-2008 updates.
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OMR metro update

- New compound walls have been constructed inside the isolation hospital and the adjecent army land(near the 100ft road-OMR jn) - Drilling works have started to put the pylons in place - Soil testing done on NGEF grounds - Soil testing done near Benniganahalli bridge(proof that the metro heading towards KR puram) Suggestion: Avoid using OMR starting march to get to ITPL/Whitefield..airport road can be an option..the marathalli bridge might get ready by then and the airport road itself will be relatively empty after BIAL opening!
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