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More pedestrian magic boxes from BBMP

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In this close to a month old BBMP tender, find mention of RCC precast technology. Yes, thats our magic boxes. 6 of these are mentioned, one each for Ward #s 58, 61,62,63,64 and 65!. 65 lakhs each. Description: "Construction of Underpass / Pedestran Convenience Using RCC precast Technology in". Period of completion - 120 days!

Where exactly are these? Must have been covered by the newspapers by now, did they mention the exact spots as well? Personally, I like these better than skywalks, pedestrian overbridges (like the one they have in Jaynagar 4th block, nobody uses it, who will climb up to the heavens just to cross a 60 feet road).

After a flurry during Dec-Feb period, pace of tenders has slowed down lately. Perhaps BBMP is busy with planning for elections.


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Need to track these projects

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The pace of tenders have not come down - they have stopped completely. Thats because the model code of conduct is in place - untill elections are over they wont start again.

65 Lakhs - that an absurd figure. We will need to find out the location and the design/size of these under passes. The pedestrian underpass at hebbal was constructed at a cost of 10 Lakhs just a couple of months back. A 650% jump in cost cannot be justified.

Can the BBMP EMs take this up, do we need to file an RTI?

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Wait before rushing

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For all you know 65 lakhs may be for multiple magic box underpasses. It could be that data you have (10 lakhs at Hebbal) is incorrect and doesn't account for incidental expenses. It could be that 65 lakh is indicative maximum limit in the tender, and actual bids would come in at much lower market prices.

Let us ask BBMP about real costs they have incurred on recently completed ped magic boxes. We can analyze on ped magic box in detail (and do a public audit job!).

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Urgent need for a realistic project cost estimation!

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SB, Ritesh,

The under estaimation of project cost estimation in almost all the public utility rojects in India is 100% truth. In fact there is a paper published on this topic by Mr. Moris of IIM-A in 1987. It's a good inisght into results of faulty cost estimation in public projects. comment guidelines

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