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OMR jam's

The OMR users will face the benniganhalli RUB bottle neck every day. The reason is the RUB is a two lane bridge which caters to a 6 lane traffic! This leads to a miniumum of 30-40 min of clutch banging session and after that people have to endear another jam on the ORR below the cable stayed bridge because of a truck break down. At the RUB, the cops have implmented innovative traffic handling where they stop traffic on one side for 20 min to let the other side use the bridge..this is not done regulary so we end up in a jam most days.. Is there any plans of upgrading this bridge? Also, is there any plan for handling traffic at the ORR..stopping trucks entring the ORR would be a good solution for now! This is done for Hosur road but can as well be implemented for ORR.
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Traffic problems on OMR and White Field Road

OMR Road: As already mentioned the problem at ROB is the many lanes traffic merging into 2 lanes. The same problem exists at the place where Whitefield road merges with the outer ring road just before KR Puram (going towards kr puram from ITPL). The overall traffic slows down due to this in-appropriate merge of heavy traffic. ROB should be expanded for sure to solve this jam. The second one is at the start of the cable bridge due to heavy traffic piled up to go towards ITPL/Whitefield area. When the cable bridge was designed no one would have thought of heavy traffic movement on Ring Road compared to OMR?? White Field road (near KR Puram Railway station): The double road starting from KR Puram Railway station is heavily affected during peak hours due to the heavy vehicles (trucks) on this road. As implemented in hosur road, these heavy vehicle shouldn't be allowed during peak hours as a temporary solution till Peripheral ring road comes up. The main problem is the amount of people crossing at the KR Puram junction and at the start of the cable stayed bridge. I strongly believe that there is an immediate need to have pedestrian over-bridges one near the railway station, second near the start of the cable bridge (tin factory). Also public transport vehicles should be provided with separates bays (and there is enough space on both sides). But as a long term solution, 2 things come to my mind. First, currently many IT companies in the ITPL, Whitefield area provide transportation facility, but they all manage this themselves. This ends up with many-many smaller vehicles (read sumo,indica) on road. I am of the view that companies in this area should think of aggregating the employees from different companies and go in for bigger vehicles (read bus). That removes lots of smaller 4-wheelers from the road for everyones good. The 2nd phase of Metro connecting to Whitefield could (hopefully) have more n more people using less n less private vehicles.
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Nightmare @ Benniganhalli RUB.

I travel everyday from KRPuram to Majestic and it takes me almost 1hr & 30mins to reach office.  Out of the total travel time, I spend 20-30mins @ benniganhalli RUB itself. I don't know whom to report / raise a complaint. Can anyone give the contact authority/address.

Also I heard that the SWR is reluctant to give permission for expanding the RUB - not sure how true this is, but with the given situation.. its a horrible experience everyday for all the commuters.

Awaiting help from the forumers to take this plight and find a permanent solution.


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Benniganahalli road & rly bridge

There is always a traffic jam here and added to this road under the bridge is in pitiable condition. I have some solution for this. Just construct wall (meridian) at the centre of the bridge extending bothways for about 20 feet. That means it will become single lane traffic lane. Definitely the movement will be a bit slow but not altogether it will standstill as af now. Alternatively barrier on the lines of rly level crossing on both sides of the railway bridge, at a convenient distance from centre of bridge,which should allow one way movement. The barrier may opened alternatively to allow traffic.

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over the cable stayed bridge option

Want to get to ITPL/WHitefield area and do not want to get stuck in the perinial traffic jam below the hanging bridge?

The head right over the bridge..afterall bridges gets us across troubles!

Head straight to KRpuram and take a right just after the temple which is right in the middle of the road..this is devasandra road..which eventually links hoodi..this saves 10-15 min easily and also clutch driving/riding!


3-4 kms extra

railway crossing might slow you down

pray there are no jams there..cos if theres will not clear!

avoid in the evenings as there are too many trains then


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blrsri, I have tried this

blrsri, I have tried this option 10 - 15 times in the morning and 50% of the times I got stuck near the hoody railway gate. The wait near the railway gate varies from 10 mins to 30 mins. The gate is narrow and is frequented by trucks, so this gate is prone to jams. The poor gateman has to double up as a traffic warden and some generous road-users too direct the traffic. I stopped using this route because of this prolonged waiting periods.

By the way new vajra volvo routes has been introduced -

500D - from hebbal to silkboard via KR Puram

500E - Hebbal to ITPL via KR Puram, Marathahalli, Sai Hospital.

I have started using 500E and it is qutie comfortable. It actually saves me the tension of driving in the maze called KR Puram. I talked to the conductor, he said these are buses actually meant for BIAL, but since the airport opening has been postponed, they are plying them on this route temporarily. These buses have around 30 seats with luggage racks in the front portion of the bus.

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Solutions -- But how do we get them implemented

Jam under the Cable stayed bridge on the ORR -- The problem is due to 2 things -- 1) The U turn in front of KR-Puram railway station.  This must be shifted to the U turn under the ORR flyover after the railway station. This will reduce the daily evening jam for vehicles coming from Marathalli or Whitefield. 2) The parking lot for the railway station. There is the old bridge and dilapidated structures (marked as unused by railways themselves) next to this parking lot, which must be used as parking lot instead, and a section of the existing parking lot must be converted as road. This will remove the bottle neck and remove the merging of traffic. In fact, there is lot of railway space on the other side of the railway track (can be accessed by going over the Bridge and taking a left) for a parking lot(however, inaccessible it is, its still one)

These solutions must atleast be tried, considering that no major changes can be done now... when some intelligent people who constructed the Bridge never accounted for how the traffic would have to squeeze between the Bridge's pillars below.

 As for the RUB problem---Wish I knew who is responsible for it. I would have sat a dharna in front of the persons house. Actually, it doesn't take much time to construct or enlarge an RUB. I saw 2 new RUBs build beside an old one in no time, in front of Frazer Town police station, near my house. Is there a way we can take it up?

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who to meet?

There are three parties in the mix here, someone has to bring all on one same table to get to good solutions.

  • SWR (Railway station)
  • NHAI (Highway to Kolar - OMR)
  • BDA (Ring Road)
  • Traffic Police (to decide locations of signals and U-turns)
  • Who else?

A new railway over bridge to take northbound traffic on ORR direct to OMR will help the jam near the packaging plant. At present, ORR traffic, most of which wants to stay straight on ORR must mesh with and cross OMR traffic, most of which wants to stay straight on OMR. This "meshing" is what causes the jams for the ORR anticlockwise traffic and OMR entering-city trucks.


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A little deviation from the topic

Has anybody heard about any bridge at the hoodi railway crossing?That crossing is really bad..and very narrow. comment guidelines

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