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(Not so) Fun facts about community involvement

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Just trying to make a kind of retrospection of myself and a normal Praja alike.

Why most people do not engage in community work and or not interested in giving back to community?

What I mean Community work can be any of following:

Personal / Basic Layer.

a) Engage physically in managing the waste which is generated by own family.

b) Do physical work to keep surrounding area (eg. the street where home is located). Like trash picking, road collar paining, signboad painting etc

Group  / Community Layer

c) Organise a hands-on group to take up common-to-community work (Like cleaning of park, community farming, community composting etc)

Society / Political Layer

d) Participate in such forums like Praja.In where you give solutions at thought level, in stead of just cribbing/ranting.

e) Participate in such programs which are futuristic. Like educating kids beyond bookish things.

f) Question the govt (via RTI)


Here are some answes/feelings are here usually people have.They look funny, but not so funny.

1. I dont have time

2. I pay taxes/RWA fees, it "their" duty (govt)

3. I have enough money to throw. Why should I do myself? Its prestige issue.

4. My parent/spouse says, why should you do this? There are so many other people. If all of them go, then you go

5. Oh boy, you have a lot of reading, school work to do. Why doing such non-sense?

6. I have lots of office work to do at home. Where is time (again)?

7. Oh, I am a female. I dont want do this "man" things.

8. Oh, in stead of doing thing physical thing (cleaning etc), I will go for sports club . What the heck?

9. Do I get anything in my bank, If I spend time on "such" work? You silly.

10. I dont see anything unclean here. Where is filth? Spitting/ Trashing etc is common to India. Why to change? You can not change system baba.

11. I wont do. Who are you ask

12. Lots of family problems. Need to prepare kids dabba/ dress up, send to school. (Do his/her home work). Where is time(again)?

13. Things will become automatically OK when problem goes to peak. Someone will correct when time comes. Now why work and waste our time?

14. What people(specially my family/my relatives/ friends/collegues) will say If I do physically work? Man, cant face them. Better I wont do

I will add when I get more inputs from society.. Keep watching.. Sure many of you/me have some of above .

So wgwwwd. What we get is what we deserve !!! Good luck to ourselves :)



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15. We have a "social worker"

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15. We have a "social worker" in neighbourhood. He has no other work than social work. He/she does/will do it anyway. If we do some work, whats left for him/her then for social service? ;)

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