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All shops should display TIN

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When I traveled across other towns, I observed all liquor shops displaying the owner's name as per new law/directive by Govt. of Karnataka. Then I started thinking why only liquor shops? All businesses should display owner/partners' name and TIN clearly in a legible. (What I mean by legible has to be given weight here. If you see implementation of Kannada in advertising hoarding you will appreciate ).

So why ,how , where, who and when questions will arise.


1) This will ensure that all business first get a TIN number, if do not have one.

2) This will make easy for people to complain regarding non-reciept of bills. People will be able to mention TIN. As of now, in case of non-reciept we can give correct details of merchant (just we have tell them address)

3) It will have more moral binding to abide law in indirect way.

4) It will provide more tracability for stake holders.


I propose the the above info to be displayed in front of *every* business including mall theater 2/4wheeler workshop etc


The owner/parterners should be held responsible for implementing this. And to be verified by tax authorities.


This should be made mandatory from day 1 of business opening. Random checks to be conducted by tax authorities.


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isn't this already required, and done also by a few

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I thought all shops are supposed to give you a printed bill, and that bill must have the TIN on it. But I see what you are saying here - if they mandatorily display TIN on their sign/hoarding, then people can complain with a valid TIN number when they don't get a bill.

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it works for both parties, how to fix that?

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A small but relevant example of a situation where no-bill helps both parties.

  • Went to City railway station for a pickup
  • Parked the car at the station
  • When leaving, asked the attendent - how much?
  • He said Rs 20
  • I said ok, give me a bill.
  • He then said "if you want bill, Rs 40", what do you prefer
  • I said bill!
  • He said "how wierd, I am trying to help you only, strange person you are"

How many guys do you think would ask for a printed bill in such cases?

We hit into such situations on regular basis (higher amount of you want bill) - local medicine shop? local hardware goods stores?

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At least one Praja is thinking about it:) I am happy now. So many reads but no comments :)

Well, thats very reason my Praja ID and tagline reflect WGWWD.


What we get is what we deserve ! We try to cheat government in small way by not asking reciept and get cheated by government in a **BIG WAY** by getting mostly nothing from government in all aspects of life(be it a good infrastructure, hospital, or you name it )


- wgwwd : (w)e (g)et  (w)hat  (w)e (d) look at yourself first

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@WGWWD, culture of save a penny even if you have to cheat?

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It is a culture we Indians and others across the world have cultivated wherein we feel proud to save few rupees by hiding or not paying the tax. There is no incentive acknowledged in paying a tax, i.e. few additional paise or rupees. We will go to any length to save those few paise or rupees.

Somehow that culture has been exported to countries like US also. When you go and buy at stores run by Indians, they would advise you to pay in cash to avoid taxes and credit/debit card transactions. What is astonishing is I rarely hear about IRS guys charging them for tax fraud offenses.

That is to say, it runs in our blood - Save those pennies even if you have to hide or cheat.

Don't know what is the remedy for this disease.




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I have experienced same in US !!! That gives food for thought. So its people at first place to self-improve in fundamentals before anyone else. What a nice quote in Praja (somewhere I read) which says "Yatha praja tatha raja"(As like the people, the kings )

But there is a way to catch businesses for such malpractise if govt wants. Thats simple : Tally against stock at stores vs business made. Still chance to cheat still, but to less extent :)


Stock/business amount tally should start at production point and end at selling point !!!


- wgwwd : (w)e (g)et  (w)hat  (w)e (d) look at yourself first

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collecting all bills

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wgwwd sir, just to let you know that I have not gone silent, I have been saving most bills to see what all is being disclosed by the merchants. Have a good number of bills saved now, have to find time to scan and put up here.

As expected, no TIN on

  • newspaper bill
  • cable TV bill
  • One other local kirana store 'bill'
  • Bill from a taxi ride

TIN is there on most others (because its the law), but then, either of these is there on them

  • Service Tax
  • VAT mention (exclusive, inclusive - confusing language)
  • Service Charge

What bills should have all three, and what should have only one (Vat, and that too should not be extra) - could be another area of "awareness".

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Collected a lot of bills ...

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... and I am confused by what all taxes I as a consumer should pay at what type of shops. Will put up the scanned bills ASA I get some time (wish someone can fix an Android App to upload photos on Praja site, anyone tech here willing to help out? Anyway). comment guidelines

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