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A (P)resident's blog. Part 2(Out of Many): Beginning towards Clean Green Community

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We usually meet every Sunday morning for #cleangreenround. It has been running for than 5 years now. We started much before concept of "swatch bharath" by politicitical inititiave. And we are sustaining ! What do we do in it? Simple, Do a "shrama daana" ( (donation of body effort). Clean up the mess (plastic and other trash) dumped within our area by public.

All of this started by as small effort by few individuals who cared about the surroundings of then quiet and peaceful isolated area from city and nearby village. Those people just had some thought sharing, sharing of common concerns like securuty, policing . It included siting of various snakes in the weeks including own homes. By the ways, snakes were treated as regular members of our eco system, even today ! While talking was finished, our cleanup round was also finished. Just an hour relaxing time on Sundays, *every* Sundays.

It grew such a weekly gathering that most of us dont want to miss nowadays.

During our clean-up rounds nearly every passerby noted our efforts, some stared, some stopped by. some appreciated and MANY ignored.  Someone expressed "Don't you guys think this is waste of time. Do you think people will stop littering ever here?". Many thought this wouldnt be sustainable. But even today, we are good and keeping it up.

So is this blog just meant to "boost" ourselves and pat on out back? No, not at all. This blog is bring many many thoughts, thought processes around this weekly event. For example, this week  few of  us met local corporator. Even corporator had come to know about this weekly event and wanted to join next week. Expression from one : "Lets stop this clean up round for main road, to allow corporator to participate to pick it up". Such odds were/are/will be there and still we continue...

Next part in few days  : A (P)resident's blog. Part 3(Out of Many): Selfishness , but how did we overthrew ? comment guidelines

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