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Idu Public Placu-Nimmappandalla - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 2

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I presume you have read part 1.


PS : Meaning of Title . Idu public placu nimmappandalla means,this is public place, not of your dad !

Now this proud owner being completed borewell and happy, starts construction !  Before construction, a grand Bhumi Pooja is held.

The borewell slurry(mud+rock poweder mix) is all-over the road and stormwater drains.I casually ask/show my uneasyness, "Saarr, I mannu ella modly klear aadre, male bandaaga niru hoggbiddatte" (Sir, if this trash is taken out rainwater will flow smoothly). Response, Ayyo hoglibidi saar, male bandaage taane ella clear agbidatte ! (Oh leave it sir, when it rains, automatically all will be cleared.). Oh yes, that was a simple common sense, didnt occur to me, damn it ! But when it rained first, OMG, it happened exactly same, all cleared from his site. But whole of rainwater drain system got choked at distance of 500m ! But who cares ! Finally, when I showed this to this proud owner : "Oh, thats not from site, its from whole lay-out". The words were simple, lie was great !  Public Aam Admi lost, the house owner won ! OK, god bless

Moral of the above para ---- Idu public placu nimmappandalla, dont interfere !

Now the grand patalam(campus of tents of site watchman/workers) has been installed. Let me explain this grand event. One fine day, the boss (mestri- head of team) arrives, looks around for a "suitable" land for his team. One side of park is beatifully maintained park, the other sides are fenced and nicely mowed sites. In-between, there is an green extension of the road(means untarred road, but now with beautifull grass). Oh my, that was a perfect "target". "Saaar, ille maadbidona"(Sir, lets do it). I got a pinch, that patch was beatifully maintained by me for last few years, though it was a public property. I helplessly requested in low pitch: Nim sheddu, swalpa lay-out horagiro khaali jaagadalli idre olledalwa? (Wont it be a nice idea to have your shed outside layout?) Showing fingure vacant unmaintained space outside the lay-out, few meters away, I pleaded. Saar, material ella baratte, security bekalwa(Sir, we need security for upcoming material)? Simply ignored and shed was built in a nicely maintained patch, within 3 days it was like typical shed of anywhere else :(

Moral of the above para again ---- Idu public placu nimmappandalla, dont interfere !

We all know, those called "watchmen" are  family of a worker who reside there for whole construction period and do "helper" job, as they are not skilled in any special area like masion,painting, plumbing etc ! I always think to help them out. So taking their shoes, I asked mestri. Mestri, ivrigondu toilet maadibidi, paapa horgade kashta alwa(Dear Mestri, just build a toilet for them, its hard to go out - for natural calls- right)? He responded casually. Illa saaar, horgade hogtare bidi, avrenu dodda rajra (Sir, let them go out, are they kings)? The very next day and everyday, I started witnessing all family members marching every morning with a tumbler in hands: Males, females, kids !!! Pity.. After a week or two, we started getting "impact" of their morning - marching, specially wind direction is "favourable" to our side. Helpless, I begged "watchman", Ri, innu swalpa doora hograppa(Gents, kindly go little farther) ! He politely says, Adu nim lay-out allaaa saar(Sir, that area where we go for natures call is not your lay-out ! It was just 300-400 meters next to our lay-out.. Now shed became full fledge home. People loudly brushing, washing clothes, bathing, spitting, sleeping and what not on road !

Moral of the above para once again ---- Idu public placu nimmappandalla, dont interfere !


The proud and dreaming owner is accomponied by engineer makes visits everyday. Sees my odd face. Utters: "Saaar, nam watchman tumba olle mansha(Sir, my watchman is super good man)". Awstruck, I heal myself...


To be continued...






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Oh, did I forget to mention.

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Oh, did I forget to mention. Watchman family included a little cute black dog too. The story of dog would be part of next "episode"...LOL

- wgwwd : (w)e (g)et  (w)hat  (w)e (d) look at yourself first

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root cause

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If you really dissect the situation and analyze it the root cause is pretty simple

1) System/Procedure - Is there a system in place? Are there procedures/protocols in place? I doubt that they exist and even if they exist it would be outdated. So, for example, in the west, contractors are more often than not required to provide portable toilets. Contractors & home/business owners are required to provide dumpsters to termporarily store contruction material and other debris.

They are also required to get permission from civic authorities, Home Owner Association and neighbours depending on what construction is being done to safeguard against noise, legality of the structure being constructed etc.

2) Enforcecement - Secondly and most importantly, enforcement. Who is enforcing the procedures/protocols? Why is the contractor and the home owner not being levied with a hefty fine for littering the public streets with construction debris and constructing an illegal shed?

3) Lastly - What is happening is just a reflection of the cultural composition of our society.

        - Watchman and his family attending to nature's call in the open. In india this is pretty common. The society tolerates it and pretty much does it at a rate not seen in most parts of the world.

       - Combine the callous society with absolute lack of system/procedures and enforcement; the end result is what you are blogging about.

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keep at it

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Change can happen through building awareness. But, it is not going to happen easily, and that can be frustrating. All the same, we need to do our dharma, and that's what PRAJA is all about. So, do keep at it. 
I doubt if many of the changes I am campaigning for will see the light of day in my lifetime. However, I see it as my duty to the future generation, of which of course my children too are a part. 
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