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BBMP and Mosquitoes

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Public Health

Taking a deviation to discuss a less fancy but important topic. Public Health.

According to today's DH Report, "Mosquito Control Project Director" Dr Lokesh says:

The Palike is spraying pesticides, carrying out fogging and has launched several health awareness camps to educate the public about maintaining cleanliness in and around their houses.

...has assigned three people to spray pesticides in each ward.

...has also undertaken a publicity drive to inform every citizen about the precautionary measures.


So the story goes. I haven't seen a single fogging machine or guys spraying pesticides at work. If DH wouldn't report it, I wouldn't have a clue there was a 'publicity drive'. But everything stated implies things that have either happened in the past or presently ongoing. 

Do I live in a different Bangalore? Have you seen any of the above in your ward?



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Project Director

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Good to know BBMP has a "Mosquito Control Project Director". If I don't witness some action in the next week or two in my ward, at least I know the man to contact.

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Mosquitoes vs dogs

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 Do I live in a different Bangalore? Have you seen any of the above in your ward?

Nope, Not in ward 19. My stray dog problem is bigger so I complained on spandana (which has not been solved by the way). Mosquitoes I am dealing with myself at home. 

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I am in Bangalore too!!

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I am in Bangalore too!! I havent seen any such effort in my ward (Deepanjalinagara)... I checked with my mother and mothers of a couple of my friends.. They live in the same Bangalore as we do!!

All of them talked about the increase in mosquito numbers over the past week-ten days!!

-Srivatsava V

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Mosquito menace

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We are staying Jayanagr 9th block and affected by the mosquito menace, as both of my children were having Dengue fever last week. Many of the hospitals are reporting Dengue cases, but the health authorities are not taking seious action to control the mosquito menace. I request Praja in to highlight the mosquito problems  and their associated serious health problems in Bangalore. We are seeing in the media about the rise of Dengue fever cases in Bangalore.

Prabhu,Jayanagr 9th block,Bangalore


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BBMP Statement & Complaint Number....

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Today's DH reports the following BBMP Statement released on Thursday:

Fogging and destroying of mosquito larvae production places have also commenced. BBMP men have been visiting each and every house, it said. 

Awareness programmes and health check up camps are being conducted by involving councillors, leaders and local organisations, it said.

Going by comments here, no one has yet seen those BBMP men visiting  'each and every house'.

People can contact 22660000 to register their complaints with regard to dengue related issues. The registered complaints will then be passed on to the Health Officer concerned. He will in turn take steps to spray insecticides and fogging and control the spread of disease.

They have at least given this number to reach. Just called to let them know no fogging took place in my area. It is a call center, they even gave me a tracking number. Will update here if something happens.

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mosquito menace - complained to BBMP, no use

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I had registered a complaint in BBMP's spandana,regarding the need for fogging/spraying to control the mosquito growth, I was sent an SMS message with ref no.:9957. I also received a call from the nearest ward office indicating that a visit will be made to my residence for details and the location of my residence. No one visited our house , but later in the evening , I got an SMS indicating 'status : completed'.Will the BBMP clarify the actions taken for my complaint? Prabhu58,Jayanagr 9th block comment guidelines

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