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I have been observing  couple of VM Displays (They call it as variable message display boads) in hosur road, domlur and near mysore bank. Observation done for few weeks without specific study target. Few notes on this are below. Just wanted to know what you guys think.


- They dont show really any value added displays in comparison with investment on them. Just show some new(old) traffic rules. For example (Wear seat belt, Tinted glass not allowed etc)

- They show irrelavant messages. For example the VM which is at North-Bound Domlur Road (Near EGL) show heavy traffic at Madiwala Ayyappa Temple or some times showed Work in progrees in Madiwala Underpass , restrcition enforced etc. Does any commuter who is going towards Indiranagr care about it?

- They are almost not legible during sunny days.


I am crossposting this at BTPs facebook page soon.


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Then what should it do? -

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Then what should it do?

- Display the realtime situation around a km or two. For example, when moving north-bound in Domlur IRR. It should show situation in Indiranagar and/or old airport road or domlur town.

- Display any traffic blocks or rules changes ahead

-Display any weather hazards or forecasts (to avoid traffic jams due to bad weather)



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