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Agara Flyover - Inauspicious start :-(

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Yesterday the Iblur --> Silkboard section of the Agara flyover was "soft-launched". Still some work (painting, lane-marking, lighting etc) remains.

I saw an unfortunate accident at around 8 pm right on top of this flyover. One two-wheeler was crushed under a truck and the driver was lying face-down. I was in a bus and couldn't see clearly through the crowd. Hope the driver was okay.

Why the hurry to open a flyover without proper safety markings or street lighting? Still a lot of electric equipment and other construction material was on the flyover. When they delay the construction for 2+ years, why this last moment rush?

A sad start to the Agara flyover.


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Always like this

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It was like this when the other section was launched as well.  Steel girders and other construction debris was hazardously placed at different locations of the flyover.  After such a long wait, why not do it properly?  This is simply criminal. 

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Outer Ring Road as well

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The section of ring road between Magadi Road and Jnanabharathi was openend a few months ago. To date they seems to be no policing of any sort. Vehicles are often driving on the wrong side of the road - partly out of idiocy and partly because there are no signs to tell you how to go the correct way. Its just a disaster waiting to happen - especially since one can easily drive at 100km/h. I suppose what they will do - once there is a horrific accident - is put in speedbreakers - instead of addressing the main problem.

In fact there are several instances on the ORR between Tumkur road and Magadi Road as well where vehicles come the wrong way because of bad planning - no enforcement and no clear option to drivers. comment guidelines

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