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Following Driving Discipline

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This may sound as  Repetition, but it is the way people are in Bangalore. Most of the vehicles today either it is Two Wheeler / Four Wheeler or the public transport BMTC / Auto's don't follow lane discipline. Especially, at the places where the road is been dug up or work is going on, the discipline level deteriorates and people in sense of urgency, break all rules and drive helter - skelter causing major inconvenience to every one.

When will people learn how to drive on the road, why is that, they follow 100% discipline when they go out of country especially in Middle east. Do we need such stricter rules in India / Bangalore.


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Mumbai is far more better while Pune is worse

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Rules are there, its just the enforcement and again its 'US'. We just dont have patience or just courtesy. We have 1% of the worlds vehicles and cause 15% of road deaths (we are #1, #2 is China). I guess we can have stricter rules. Fines for over speeding in India is 300 which is same as US (yes $300 !) but we know the difference in values + you get that in US and your insurance premium shoots up so its more expensive here. I guess we need to have that link. Reward good driver and punish bad.

I drove in Mumbai (& Navi Mumbai) and even though the number of cars are high the traffic still moves as people follow lanes (even most cabs), I guess enforcement is more and corruption is less. Yes there are a few outsiders (Mumbai visitors) who have difficulty adjusting to the high speeds there (they get the comment "naya hai kya" but still Mumbai accepts them !). But Pune was a different ball game. The 2 wheelers there are worse than those in bangalore, I have got sorry (hand raise etc) here if the 2 wheeler was in mistake but never in Pune.

Solve is using 2 steps initially:

>Link insurance to driving history.

>Better enforcements.

The first one beats it as people are more scared of money always and is the biggest deterrant outside India. If the cost of ownership of the vehicle goes up because of your bad driving then it works.

-Falcon of India


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