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BMTC- new route proposal- need help from Praja

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I would like the help of Praja members to get a new bus service from Gottigere (BG Road) to Silkboard.

Almost all the buses from Bannerghatta Road go to Majestic/Shivajinagar/KR Market. There are no buses which "turn right" at the Jayadeva Hospital junction (while coming from Bannerghatta side).

Commuters from Bannerghatta road have to get down at BTM check post (opp Shoppers stop) stop and walk 500m, after crossing two major roads to get to a bus stop for buses towards east (Koramangala, Silk board, Electronics City, Indira Nagar etc.).

In summary, no proper connection from Bannerghatta Road towards the eastern parts - Koramangala, ITPL, Old Airport road, Indira Nagar, E-City etc.

Proposed Solution: A short distance service from Gottigere to Silkboard.

Distance (One-way) - 10km
Estimated time for a one-way trip : 30 mins
Estimated time for a two-way trip : 60 mins

Proposed frequency : 15 mins
Number of buses required : 4 (definitely, non-volvo)

What is not proposed:
1. Point-to-point connections between Gottigere/Bannerghatta TTMC to any of the above. (If a single point-to-point bus is introduced, travel time will be long and frequency will reduced).
2. Bus starting from Bannerghatta TTMC. The area from Gottigere till the national park is mostly forest area and sparsely populated. Extending the bus till the TTMC will reduce the frequency without much advantage.

Whom to request in BMTC for such a service (email ids, websites, telephone numbers) ? How do I gather support for this?


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 I would have thought a

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The problem is in the change over and the solution should make that easier. I would have thought a better solution would be to make the stops closer to each other by moving existing stop or introducing another stop along with introducing pelican signals and skywalks which make the change over painless. Mark the spots on a map and we can discuss solutions.

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to koramangala

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The route can even be upto Koramangala depot. Because lot of buses parked on road side in silk board. You are right, there should be right taking bus, that wont even congest the signal as there is right turing flyover on jayadeva junction.

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Quite a required route. Its

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Quite a required route. Its quite a bad state seeing so many peole get down adn walk all the way. Except the very rare 411J no other bus has a right turn there.


Gottigere is quite a viable option as it is one of the last areas having a good residenatial area on the road. But the road from Jayadeva to BTM  is congested. May be route by way of IIM, Devarachikkanhalli, Kodichikkanhalli, Begur, silk board, up to Madiwala mosue can be viable as Madiwala mosque/koramangl awater tank  is the last stop for routes of 201D and 201MA and hence changing over cannot be issue to. also you can change over  to even Sarjapur bound buses at Koramangla Water Tank and even skip the ehavy congestion on IRR to some extent. Buses from depot-34 can be used considering their closeness to Bannerghatta Road

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not only eastern but also western part of BLR

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I have called to BMTC officials many a times starting from APRIL'10  regularly for the connectivity from Bannergatta rd sector to ITPL, INDIRA NAGAR, MCTC, YESHWANTHPUR RAILWAY STATION................... but all in vain............ the only reply I get from them is " we can't provide buses from all patrts of bangalore to all other in turn". also they say that" this happens only during peak hours"

To that I have many a times challenged them stating that " You(officails)  kindly do a survey starting from 7am to 9pm near the fly over stop. You will observe that almost 60% to 75% of passengers alight from the buses coming from Bannergatta rd side and the same i.e, buses coming from market or kbs and moving towards JD mara get crowded to full capacity at this stop".

Till now, they haven't listened to this. I'll challenge, the above statement of mine is true as I have personally suryed it.

Sir, if you need the contact numbers,, I'll inform the names of the officals whom u need to contact. You will get the phone no's in the BMTC WEBSITE: ... Please click or copy paste this link.


Here are the concerned officials you need to contact.

K S Vishwanath, B V Srinivas, B.T.Mohan, B.G.S.R. Gowda, N A Khan,
Jagadeesh.K, Shymala S Muddodi.

Please do contact all the above... don't leave a single official.

Thanks. Hoping for the best

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ss87........ that's right.... the buses can have the starting point as JAMBUSAVARI Dinne too as the locality too has apartments in which IT People reside

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Not only this a bus will be

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Not only this a bus will be reuired towards Banashankari as well-or else the only option is taking 364 or 369 to East end and cross over-and these buses dont run till Gottigere-366H, AS-16,366P are so innfrequent to wait

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BMTC new route request

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Map of the discussed bus stops (marked as blue boxes A and B)


The stops are on either side of a flyover (marked in dark Yellow colour above). All the buses from Bannerghatta side go straight towards dairy circle and do not turn right (over the flyover).

Distance between the stops cannot be reduced. Skywalks will not help this problem. (Skywalks are critically needed at both these places but thats another discussion.)


You are right. This route can go upto K'mangala TTMC.


Jayadeva-silk board traffic is indeed bad. The solution could be that this proposed route can go through BTM 29th main  ( lake road), and join the main road at the AXA office junction. This area is not served by any BMTC bus now and will be useful for new apartments coming up there. Plus there are a few garment factories along this road which are served only by unregularised private buses ( +1 to private operators). This road is comfortably wide for buses. 

Also, If this is the only route that serves these parts of BTM layout/NS Palya, that will create an automatic pressure on BMTC to maintain the route and not discontinue it arbitrarily.

@Shashi Kumar,

Thanks for the link. I am actually looking for Email Ids to be followed by face-to-face meetings. I am not comforable with Kannada (and it unfortunately becomes worse over telephone). Any ideas?

Best regards,



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 Earlier V500N used to run from Vijaynagar to ITPL via  Bannerghatta Road, Hosur Road, Koramangala IRR. Later on due to poor response, and due to number of SEZs coming up on ORR, it was routed via Jakkasandra instead of Koramangala. This used to give link to buses going towards Bannerghatta (365 series).

There is only one V500N now which reaches Bannerghatta Road by taking left turn at Jayadeva at around  9:00 - 9:10. Bus will be almost empty. Commuters travelling to ITPL from Bannerghatta road can get down at Jayadeva from any of Big10 or 365 series buses and take this.

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We might even ask for

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We might even ask for diversion of Volvo 500BM and 500KM via Delmia circle and mico check post on Bannerghatta road instead of via East end-this way people can change over at checkpost itself now that J.P.Nagar underpass is also open. This bus is also not very crowded(Travelled in it yesterday)-or it can run in existing route via 9th cross up to Bannerghatta road and take left to stop at mico check post-there is a Volvo 500BM at 9:20AM, 10AM and 10:30AM from RBI layout and will take about 20-25 minutes to reach Mico check post

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Compile the list

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Can we all compile a list and send it the BMTC, its easy to follow up.

I have a couple of recommendations :

1.I understand Vayu Vajra Passes are high due to high cost. But making it accessible to Vajra Pass holders till Hebbal can surely not hurt their profit margins.

2.Vayu Vajra commuters who want to travel till BAIL if come in 3+ numbers should get 20-30% discount hence making it more economical than hiring a taxi. This again wont hurt BMTC as they would get more customers.

3.Add buses to interiors , the recent feeder routes look like nothing but waste of time & money. My personal experience HSR has no buses in the interiors even where they have a huge Depo 19th Main . They can have small buses continously running 

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Circula Route-Bannerghatta Rd. (south) connecting Koramangala

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 It would be better if circular route is introduced from Bannerughatta Road (NICE ROAD point)-Gottigere-Arekere-29th Main Road(BTM) -Silk Board-Koramangala(Raheja complex)- Koramangala Depot-Madiwala Market-Bommanahalli-Koppa Road-Honnammanahalli- Bannerughatta Road(NICE ROAD point). The route used by Electronic City to Kengeri bus service may be used from Bommanahalli -Koppa Road for this circular route.

With the opening of JP Nagar underpass bridge, Many Busses from Maratahlli / ITPL (500 ,600 series) may be diverted Via Shoppers Stop(BTM)-JD Mara. So connectivity  to Marthahalli or ITPL  for residents upto the JD Mara point is not be a problem as there are many busses. Many apartments and residential areas of BPL residents have come up on Bommanahalli -Koppa-Honnammanahalli area who travel long distance to East Bangalore to attend their work.

Introduction of Circular Route as above will be quite useful and viable also. Request the forum to think on the subject.



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-----> ASHOK N

Sir, I'd like to inform you that the email Id is utter waste. They(officilas) don't respond to all the mails.

Also, sir it is not mandatory for the passgenrs or public to be kannadiga's.  Any one can have talk with them in english.

Well the id is ........... One trick. After sending the mail, atleast make a call to either of the one and inform them to have a serious look into the information/ mail. K S Vishwanath, B V Srinivas, B.T.Mohan,  N A Khan, Jagadeesh.K, Shymala S Muddodi.


Your idea is right. I'm following that case from past one month with Mr. Chandrashekar(BMTC) who is incharge of the VOLVO buses operation.

that is diverting the buses(500KM, 500BM) on the ORR then taking left turn @ JD mara. You too can call up the concerned official.



------> Naveen


I'd like to inform the whole bangaloreans one idea or basic plan.

Try to give out ideas from bottom to top. OR Please go step by step or Climb the ladder rather directly jump to middle or top of the ladder.

Please don't mistake my words.


First start the services with ordinary buses.... then based on the demand or based on the class of passengers procced for the Volvo's.

You all may be happy or glad that BMTC is plying more VOLVO's for the bangaloreans but no one don't know that how they are cheating the public.

Most VOLVO's end the duty by 7- 7:30pm. hence causing trouble for those passengers who had purchased the daily VOLVO pass or monthly pass while returing to the residence.

If you don't trust or belive the above fact, then please pay a visit and have a look from 6:30pm to 8pm at the HSR layout depot as you stay in HSR.

This fact is not only pertained to that depot but also at remaining 3 VOLVO depots. Depot-13(KAMAKYA), D-28(HEBBAL) & D-7(MAJESTIC).

Do we really need VOLVO's if they operate like that???????????


shashi kumar


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Sure-can do that-first will

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Sure-can do that-first will try sending them a e-mail-anyway the 500BM is not dependent on crowd of East end as it gets 50% full at Nandini hotel itself-and some wait at 9th cross so ifee it is better for the bus to run via 9th cross-return it can run via 3rd phase(As there is no right turn there and anyway it always runs via Raggigudda on return so people will be happy if it runs on ring road)-We might even ask for running of one of the 500K's(500KR and 500P might be more viable as they lave lesser crowd) to run on this route along with the others-and 500BM volvo have been spotted towards Brigade millenium at 8:30PM at 1st phase(They have specifically requested the service and timings i believe) and belong to depot-7(Majestic) and hence can never cut short their last trip

We can ask BMTC to increase frequency  of 411B (BNP-KR puram)ordinary also a bit so that Bannerghatta road people will also benefit by a bus taking right a Jayadeva

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 Distance between the stops

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 Distance between the stops cannot be reduced. Skywalks will not help this problem

From your map introducing a bus stop near the Jayadeva hospital (pink box) east end D main corner should reduce the distance considerably. Why should the bus stop be at location marked B? If its is less than 500 mtrs I dont see why a walkway from one bus stp to the other cannot solve the problem. Since it is an incline a magic box to the east end D main along the sidewalk can take you across.

Remember anything which does not conform to direction & feeder service is not going to be encouraged as there is a PIL which enforces this and BMTC will be held in contempt for introducing services contrary to the direction oriented routes. There is also the possibility that the bus takes the ramp to the east end bus stop and returns back to BG road taking a right there

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Does 411B help here? I guess it goes from Bannerghatta Road to KRPuram.


I guess I didnt read the previous comments completely before posting it. There is already a mention of the bus 411B.

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@Shashi Kumar

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I do understand what you mean by bottom -> top approach.

I am not here to find a full fledged solution to any problem but just giving innovative ideas which strike my mind.

If its feasible is for folks like you and BMTC to decide. I might not be very good at it.

Apart from Volvos i have joded some more ideas for feeder buses which i do not mean should have Volvos.

Some more suggestions:

1.Ply buses on BETL -SilkBoard-EC - for buses which are full or have some buses explicitly for it (Express Buses) 

2.Buses to Nelamangala similary can use the flyover

3.Buses should be started on NICE Road. It would be wonderful if we can travel to Tumkur Road hassle free from EC on a daily basis.

No offense meant.

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Yesterday I tried sending a

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Yesterday I tried sending a email to the few email id's. One among them was <>. Sent the mail yesterday evening and today afternoon have recieved the following reply

Hello Siddarth,

Thank you for the suggestion and appreciate that you are one of the regular commuters of BMTC and also are an ardent supporter with your network groups. The concerned authorities will definitely look into your views and take appropriate action deemed fit. Infact, you would be glad to know that at BMTC this is a regular feature and the opinions/views of Commuters with their positive inputs are an added help. Therefore, rest assured you would find a favorable response soon.

We once again feel delighted at your continued patronage and support. Please continue to do so.

With Warm regards

Somasekhar V.K
Managing Trustee: Grahak Shakti
Co-Chairperson: BMTC Commuter Advisory & Facilitation Committee, Member:Commuter Comfort Task force


Recieved the above reply and the same has been sent as copy by them to <>; So I think sending a mail to this website will work a bit-please try doing it

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Distance between the stops

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Perhaps, the map isn't very clear. The road from East end to Silkboard is also a (one-way) flyover. The up-ramp from BG road curves right, joins this flyover and becomes a wide flyover, and gets down on the BTM side. The East-west traffic is on grade (no flyover).

The east end bus stop is at the right place (just before the flyover). You are right that if we change over at East End, instead of at the stop marked as B, we have to cross only one main road. The distance remains the same though (maybe marginally less).


Yesterday I have registered a suggestion at the BMTC site ( Unfortunately, it gets registered as a "complaint" though this is a suggestion. Hoping for a reply.

TTNO  BMTC-0120111956-3210
 Topic Name  Bus Route
 Problem Name  Feedback on Route

Subject: Request for NEW route from Gottigere (BG Road) to Koramangala

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Is there any update on this suggestion?

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BMTC- new routes

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I saw Mr. Bheema's posting today and was surprised that after 19th Jan. there has been no news of any progress.

I feel it is high time we revive our contact withthe 'Bus Day' lady and have a meeting .


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