Bus Day publicity suggestion

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I feel the mass publicity for this excellent idea of Bus Day is still lacking. The awareness of the event is still restricted to a very less percentage of people.

To improve this, I suggest that a mass SMS campaign be run two days before the next few "Bus Days", that is, on 2nd and 3rd of every month.

Since the traffic police is also actively encouraging the Bus Day, the SMS can be sent from the ACP (traffic) to all the Mobile phones in the city. This is the easiest, cheapest, and environment friendly mass publicity we can achieve.









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It is not enough to spend money for only advertising the bus day unless the advts give the routes of new bus services being introduced along with their time schedules.


Confusion of date in April

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Due to the shifting of the Bus Day date to 7th this time, a lot of people got confused. A few people were it was on the 8th (Thursday) and some people thought it was on 1st (the first thursday). Awareness was poor.



Better to introduce Chartered buses on Bus Day?

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We know that a lot of chartered buses operate in the ITPL, Bagmane and the Electronic city routes. In stead of increasing normal BMTC buses alone, wouldn't it better to get more chartered buses on these routes and allow people in these companies to buy tickets at a higher price than the normal BMTC and reach home/office faster using the buses?

Presently, these buses (in the Bagmane routes) don't issue tickets and allow only people with passes (Rs.1660 per month) to use these buses. If on Bus Day, we introduce more buses and issue tickets at the same rate (roughly Rs.40 per trip), I guess we can make more people to use the buses.

More ITPL buses needed

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Whatever the number of buses to ITPL, it is not sufficient. All the 500Ks,335Es and V333 run full. Probably all the areas need direct connectivity to ITPL and EC with 1 or 2 trips  of Marcopolo that is assigned to every area to run to ITPL in the morning and in the opposite direction in the evening. Evenings after 7, frequency of buses is very less especially from ITPL and EC.

These core issues needs to be resolved by BMTC.

Bus Day Publicity

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Hello Mr. K.V. Pathy,

The SMS suggestion is not a stand-alone solution but should complement other modes of advertising, including giving details of the routes. A link to a BMTC/Praja website can be included in the SMS.


They should see to it it that

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They should see to it it that these IT secto volvoes should run double shift time and not general shift time so that these buses go to depot at 10 PM. A special schedule can be organized for volvo buses which can run from 8-12 in morning and 5-9/6-10 in the evening and see to it that people actually use it. These buses actually get very crowded.


Other day I was waiting at jayanagar 5th block for bus to Bellandur from 9:50AM to 10:15AM. There were about 3-4 ordinary services(500A,500,500BA and C-1)and 7 volvoes (one 500A and 6 ITPL bound)in that period all of which were crowded. In the end came a bit empty Volvo 500KR having 4-5 seats which to got filled up when bus crossed eastend. Also I have seen the Vijayanagar bound volvoes completely filled up in the evening peak hours.

One more mistake on part of BMTC is in the peak hours ITPL sector has got only volvoes pasing through with the otherwise frequent ordinaries missing from the scene(502.C-4,MBS-24 etc). If a proper blend of the same is introduced,they too can take some part of the crowd otherwise everyone are forced to travel by volvoes.