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Need for road divider on St Johns Church Road

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St Johns Church Road is a major road leading to Mekhri Circle, Peenya and BIAL. The stretch from Bharatinagar Police Station to Coles Park is a crucial stretch with a lot of schools in the nearby location. Unfortunately due to lack of a road divider, there is no lane discipline on this stretch. The problem gets higlighted in the evenings, when the traffic coming from Nandi Durg road, does not get any width to move , because the traffic coming from the opposite end is dense and come to the wrong side due to absence of a road divider. The traffic cops are not to be blamed because you cannot fine a huge swarm of traffic. A better idea would be to install road divders on the stretch from Bharathinagar Police Station to Coles Park so that there is no scope for traffic to motor on the wrong side.


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 Some of the worst violations

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 Some of the worst violations happen on this stretch, it has been on for so long that it is considered normal to violate. It is total chaos on this stretch & I have been in many arguments especially at coles park jn. I dont know why this stretch doesnt have a divider?

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Traffic police are bystanders

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 I have even argued with the traffic police, they say they are helpless

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Here is the video of

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Here is the video of that comment guidelines

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