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BDA -Time to grow up?

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BDA increases compensation payout for proposed Kempe Gowda Layout.

But the more important question is: Does Bangalore still have to grow in the old-fashioned layout and 30x40 sites way? Shouldn't BDA focus on Infra development rather than working as a petty real estate developer? A Peripheral Ring road and alternate ways to reach the airport are more pressing Infra needs for this city.

As per the article, a total of 50,000 sites would be developed in this layout. Assuming an average of 8 persons living in a site (with 2 houses on two floors), a total of 4 lakh people would eventually be housed in the entire layout after say 5-6 years. That is too small a number for a city which is growing at 2 lakhs per year. BDA's sites and plots strategy would have been good in the 1980s when areas like Jayanagar and BTM Layout were successfully developed. Now these same areas are facing acute parking issues, and massive illegal constructions by the original site owners to accomodate demand.

BDA should focus on planning satellite cities and to improve connectivity to these satellite cities (the actual building of the apartment/shopping complexes would automatically be done thru private investment). 

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