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Putting a stop to noisy construction activity in the night


A member posted the following query on the SaveKoramangala Y-group, in the subject connection:

Vivarea Koramangala, and the MSL juggle

Urban Development

An alleged wrong estimation of the Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) by a private builder to construct a 17-storey building, 4.5 km from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) defence aerodrome, has been approved by HAL that handles the airport.

Do auto drivers have a case to strike?

Public Transport

Seven major autorickshaw unions, including the Adarsha Auto and Taxi Drivers' Union and Karnataka Association for Autorickshaws, will not ply on both days. They are mainly protesting against the alleged harassment by police.

CiSTUP study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City, Dec 12

Public Transport

A summary of "A Study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City - Suggestions for Improved Governance, December 2012, CiSTUP, IISc" states as below (the full text may be accessed here; while the full text of the report may be accessed

Wake up, Clean up Bengaluru

Public Health

I had the privilege of attending what was termed as a 'Power Nashta' session of 'opinion makers' yesterday morning at the "Wake up, Clean up Bengaluru" week-long workshop, currently in progress at the Freedom Park (the facebook wall of the workshop may be accessed

The adjournment ailment

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said delay in dispensation of justice could well be attributed to the judiciary's almost institutionalized generosity in granting adjournment of hearings and called for its complete abolition.

Why isn't plea-bargaining being practiced In India?

While the demands for Taliban-type punishments grow louder, one point being missed is that tougher the punishment, lesser the chances of it being awarded and longer it will take to execute.

Why should the 17-yr old rapist be allowed to get away lightly?

While the cacophony for the death sentence for the accused grows louder, most of us ignore the fact that the main accused in this crime is a juvenile. Forget about the death penalty, he cannot be jailed in a regular prison even for a day. Nor can he be tried in a regular court of law. This case should provoke a rethinking about our juvenile justice laws.

Dec-16 as Nirbhaya/ Damini (rather, the actual name) Raakhee day


The Delhi gang-rape case has brought to the fore the need for fast-tracking of not just the courts, but all of the following:

1) Professionalisation of preparation and maintenance of voters' lists:

Fixing accountability for BBMP's works

One of the concrete slabs, covering the drain across the road junction in front of our residential complex (in S T Bed layout, Koramangala) main gate, developed cracks somewhere along, and eventually gave way around the middle of last week (see picture below), posing a hazard, particularly to pedestrians and two-whheler riders.

The 'Cash Transfer Scheme' debate


Of course, cash transfers have advantages too: they have lower transaction costs, more convenient for migrant labour, and might be easier to monitor.

Car parking infrastructure and quality of urban spaces

Private transport

Even with improving public transportation like the metro, the demand for parking in public places will only increase due to the rapid increase in car numbers. - - - Governments are alive to the problem and have created different business models to build multilevel car parks in public places.

Iniquitous CDP, conflicts thereof, and a SDZ (Sustainable Development Zone) plan as a solution

Urban Development

The Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) - 95 marked out large areas around the city as "Green Belt" (check here), along which no development was to be allowed.

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