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Active burial ground in the midst of a residential locality

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At the end of the 8th cross, 1st main, S T Bed layout, Koramangala, almost adjoining the army property beyond, is this burial ground, right in the midst of densely populated high-rise residential complexes (It is the vacant land within the 'elbow' in the road facing "Tranquility Apartments" in the map accessible here. This is apart from the "hindu cemetry" on the edge of the army property, which may not be as objectionable as it has open land on most sides).

Even as the dates on the gravestones (in the pictures) indicate burials having taken place as recently as Jan'12, local residents tell me that many more burials have happened since then too. And, as can be seen from the picture, for want of any more space, the burials are happening on the edge of the road too.
Now, the questions that arise are: 
1) Even if the property owner claims that it is his ancestral family burial ground, can its usage be allowed to continue once the locality has developed into a residential area? 
2) Shouldn't the elected representatives be taking the leadership in convincing the owners that ancestral practices cannot continue indefinitely, using the 'discretionary funds' for the purpose, if necessary?
3) Shouldn't cremation (in proper crematoria) become mandatory, particularly in cities, with space becoming a serious constraint? A Catholic friend told me recently that even the church is beginning to review the matter, with a 'father' himself taking the lead, having 'willed' that he should be cremated and not buried.
Apparently, there are more such burial grounds across the city, and the local citizens have been suffering them silently, saying it's a 'touchy' issue. Whatever, I thought it's time the matter was debated on.
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