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Speeding inferno's

Public Transport

Kolur, a regional sales manager in a private firm, said he and others saw rats running around the coach. “We even had an argument with the TTE on the poor condition of blankets given to us and the rats,” he told Express.

Karnataka MLAs' right to Junkets Act


While one set of MLAs is packing its bags for an exotic Latin American vacation, some of their colleagues are already taking in the sun and sand in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

The Genetically Modified (GM) crop debate


In the debate over whether India should go for transgenic or genetically modified (GM) crops or not, there is a viewpoint that supports its ability to enhance production and increase food security, while against the motion there's a word of caution on the grounds that it will encourage monoculture and end diversity of traditional crops.

An example of how a government office's functioning can transform


The following is about the last of the mails, posted a few weeks back by an entrepreneur (I'll refer to him as HK), in a chain of mail exchanges over the "OneBengaluru google-group", detailing the transformation in the attitude (for the better) of the Commercial Tax department officials in Bengaluru towards him and his colleagues.

Some unsolicited advice for AAP, Bengaluru


Aam Aadmi Party's rout of the Congress, I would like to believe, had more to do with the revulsion of the Delhi-ites with the inept and corrupt Central regime than with the comparatively competent Sheila Dikshit government. Perhaps some of the populist programmes, listed in AAP's election manifesto, too helped in garnering votes.

Towards a level playing field regime?


India’s competition watchdog has fined Coal India Ltd (CIL) and three of its subsidiaries a combined Rs.1,773 crore for misusing their position as monopoly suppliers of coal to fix prices and supply poor-quality coal, and do so on conditions that favoured them over the buyers. The specific charges against Coal India, the first state-run company to be fined by the Comp

Exemplary collaborative effort


The following is the text of a mail posted on the "saveKoramangala" yahoo-group by Mr Nitin Seshadri, Sec, Koramangala 3rd block assn, says it all.

Koramangala's latest challenge - Hosur road underpasses

After the "Sarjapur road signal-free corridor" fiasco (check here), where, perhaps for the first time in the history of the city, the road was ordered to be restored to its original condition, after considerable civil work had already progressed, one would have thought that the powers be

RTO absurdity, nay criminality

Hundreds of Bangalore-bound tourists from Tamil Nadu were stranded for hours on Sunday when taxi operators resorted to a snap strike at the check-post, near Hosur.

Neta/ Babu car travels the cause of all that is rotten in the city

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy blamed engineers and officials of the BBMP for the poor progress in waste management. “BBMP officials do not seem to see anything. The engineers and joint commissioners sit in their cars and travel through the city but they do not see the garbage on the roads or problems of citizens,” he said.

Grab the opportunity to offload Air-India


Industry leader Ratan Tata today expressed interest in the possibility of privatisation of Air India, saying he would be very happy to look at it whenever it happened. "As an when it happens, we would be very happy to look at it," the Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group said when asked whether he would be interested if Air India was privatised.

Public assets or perpetual burdens?


Babus and public sector executives may have to surrender phones and broadband connections from private operators such as Airtel and Vodafone and shift to the networks of state-owned MTNL and BSNL as part of the government's plan to improve the finances of the two PSUs.

Bangalore Metropolitan Committee draft rules


The draft of the Bangalore Metropolitan Committee rules dt 7th Nov, 2013 is accessible here.

Come out and claim the road


Cycling and walking are difficult not just because of poor planning. It is also because of the mindset that only those who move in a car have status and road rights. Anyone who walks or cycles is considered poor, wretched and destined to be marginalised, if not obliterated. - - - This is what must change.

Neta's absurdities


Reading what I thought were absurd comments, made by certain neta's following the Mahboobnagar bus mishap, I thought I'll start this blog where I'll list these, as also any that I come upon in future:

1) Banning movement of the passenger commercial vehicles after midnight:

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