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"revenue pockets" - pocket-boroughs of politico's?

Following are the excerpts from an interview (published in Citizen Matters, for the full text, click here) of the incumbent Congress MLA from BTM layout constituency, who is now seeking re-election from the same constituency:

B-PAC, the mantra for all of city's problems?

B-PAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee) is all over town, the latest being for backing 14 select candidates for the May 5th Assembly elections.

A resident's assessment of Mr Ramalinga Reddy (Cong), BTM layout MLA - 09-13.

While Daksh - Citizen Matters performane analysis of the MLA is accessible here, as also an interview by the Citizen Matters reporter (accessible here), I thought I'll make my

Cattle rearing in cities

There is, for instance, this Srinivagilu village road (which is an ideal link to the Intermediate Ring Road for Koramangala S T Bed layout residents, heading towards Indiranagar side), where, at any time of the day or night, you'll come upon herds of cattle, particularly buffaloes, moving about all over; in fact living on the public roads itself.

Active burial ground in the midst of a residential locality

At the end of the 8th cross, 1st main, S T Bed layout, Koramangala, almost adjoining the army property beyond, is this burial ground, right in the midst of densely populated high-rise residential complexes (It is the vacant land within the 'elbow' in the road facing "Tranquility Apartments" in the map accessible

What are MLA (2013 - 18) candidates' views on the following?

Various internet web sites have details of MLA candidates like their criminal records, wealth, etc. Nobody however knows what individual candidates stand for, and what their plans are if they get elected. Voters can make better decisions if they know candidates' views on a fixed set of questions, through the following means:

Where BMTC may be going wrong

Today's ToI, has reported that "the BMTC will roll out new services on Thursday, Bus Day, reducing the number of times you change your bus while travelling" .

Is there hope for the 300 odd trees on army properties along Hosur road?

Following are the excerpts from mail exchanges in the HasiruUsiru Y-group, in the subject connection:


The questionable Food Security Bill

The food security bill will condemn India’s poor to perpetual poverty. The bill plans to distribute grain to two thirds of India’s population at a 90 per cent subsidy costing over Rs 1,00,000 crores.

Daksh - Citizen Matters - State of the the City survey

It's time for our legislators to face their constituents. Tell us what you think about your elected reps!  

Rating them would be the first step to getting accountable leaders. Click here

Interesting Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System for Amritsar

Punjab Infrastructure Development Board, Dept of Local Govt - Punjab, and Municipal Corpn of Amritsar are looking at this novel concept, initially over a 3.53 km stretch

Putting a stop to noisy construction activity in the night

A member posted the following query on the SaveKoramangala Y-group, in the subject connection:

Vivarea Koramangala, and the MSL juggle

An alleged wrong estimation of the Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) by a private builder to construct a 17-storey building, 4.5 km from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) defence aerodrome, has been approved by HAL that handles the airport.

Do auto drivers have a case to strike?

Seven major autorickshaw unions, including the Adarsha Auto and Taxi Drivers' Union and Karnataka Association for Autorickshaws, will not ply on both days. They are mainly protesting against the alleged harassment by police.

CiSTUP study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City, Dec 12

A summary of "A Study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City - Suggestions for Improved Governance, December 2012, CiSTUP, IISc" states as below (the full text may be accessed here; while the full text of the report may be accessed

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