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State Budget Populist? or just full of hot air?

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 BSY has created history of sorts by announcing a budget before the Union one!

Lot of juicy information related to infra for blr! name it and its listed!

he proposed monorail routes with a total 60.0 kilometres (37.3 mi) are :

    * Hebbal to J P Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) along the western portion of Outer Ring Road (31.0 km)
    * Peripheral Ring Road to Toll Gate along Magadi Road (9.0 km)
    * Kathriguppe Road /Ring Road Junction to National College (5.0 km)
    * Hosur Road - Bannerghatta Road Junction to PRR along Bannerghatta Road (15.0 km)
    * Majestic to Agara (15 km)

BS Yeddyurappa had earlier said that the first monorail in the city would chug between Majestic and Agara Lake

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He announced that a new project of BRTS (bus rapid transit system) is being considered from Hebbal to Central Silk Board here at a total cost of Rs 550 crore. 

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Full picture only.. but ayyo commuter rail bittaru!


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Rail bittra?

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Monorail track has changed to the CTTP one, what happened to the agara-majestic one under swiss challenge???

Now about that implementation part....

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is this along the ORR or via the Bellary Road ?

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>>He announced that a new project of BRTS (bus rapid transit system

I dont see any value with BRT along the ORR ( hebbal to silkboard) as there is ongoing  project to make this entire strech signal Free.. morever there would NOT be  any  space left for BRT after the current projects are completed. 

It would be welcome if the strech below the KR PURUM Hanging Bridge is being considered  for BPS/BRT. I dont think any thing other project is in pipeline to ease this Major Bottle NECK.

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BRTS more like BPS..

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I think..BPS when on those junctions and BRTS when at grade!

but hope they dont go chopping off the trees along the road with this pretext!

About the situation below the hanging bridge..Railways need to part with some of their land to make life of motorists easier there..hope somebody takes this up with Muniyappa! comment guidelines

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