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The Okalipuram connection!

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From Deccan Herald: 8-laner to ease traffic at Okalipuram

The State Cabinet on Tuesday approved the long-delayed project to ease traffic congestion at Okalipuram near Majestic. ... The Rs 115-crore project entails construction of a eight-lane corridor connecting Okalipuram junction with Khoday Circle (also Fountain Circle), thus making the Bhashyam Circle-K R Circle stretch signal free. In addition, the Railways will construct a road underbridge on the stretch connecting Okalipuram with Malleswaram

According to the plan, the 6.60-km long corridor will have service roads on either side. An 18-month deadline has been fixed for the project. As much as 12,818 sq metres of Railway land and 251 sq metres of private land will be acquired for the project."

Good news for folks who travel through majestic towards Rajajinagar/Malleshwaram..more here (on DH website)

However there is another major project coming up in the same location in the near future..this is the Inter–Modal transit Centre at the Subhash Nagar/Majestic location. Hence it becomes very critical that the planning of any other project around this needs to be an integrated effort..or else we will surely end up with a mess..

Here is a picture of this ITMC which is on KSRTC site.

Have tried marking what comes where..and seeing this the integrating points form crucial inputs for any projects around it!

Do we have the plans for the Okalipuram project yet..if yes..does it integrate well with the IMTC?



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what is the Malleshwaram bridge..

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the report also says:

the Railways will construct a road underbridge on the stretch connecting Okalipuram with Malleswaram

Where is this bridge gonna be? any ideas? 

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shouldn't we ask to see a scale model?

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In all such 'development' projects, shouldn't the agencies in charge be displaying a scale model of how the entire place will look after completion of the project, apart from traffic flow simulation video clips?

During a Bangalore Patrol event, Mr Sood had stated that for all future projects, traffic police approval will be part of the plan sanction process (check this).

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