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Reporting encroachment by temple on road - how?

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If I wanted to report an encroachment on to a public road, can I do so on Spandana - BBMP's website?

If yes, should I be selecting "Engineering" or "Legal" as the department?

There is a temple near my locality that has encroached on the main road; they have put up a "temporary" shelter for some pooja/festival which is yet to be removed even after a month! Because of this shelter, only half the lane is left. So everyday there is a jam at that point because vehicles cannot pass.

How does one report this? Also, how does one do it without being targeted or harassed by "religious" people?

Prajagale, please advise.


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afraid to comment?

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I guess people are afraid to even comment on this one :)

Why not try Spandana to at least see what happens? And post pictures here, as well as mail to newspapers so that more people know. Otherwise, the risks of "harassment" may be higher.

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@Geodesic Quite as SB has

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Quite as SB has suggested, please take pictures and post them here, to begin with - here's an example. Then forward the link to as many newspapers as possible. Next, file an RTI query with the local BBMP Exec Engr (or, PIO of the division) as to how and why the encroachment is being allowed to continue. File a similar query with the jurisdictional ACP traffic. If after all this, no action follows, then the next step has to be a PIL.

If you leave things as they are, within a few days, you'll have a permanent structure there and then it will become difficult to remove it, like in the example I have cited.

If you can gather local support and work as a team, I am sure you can put a stop to this. Wish you all the best.

And, keep recording your actions on PRAJA. A number of senior officials are looking into it on a regular basis, and there will be enough who will support you if you persist with it.

Call me on 98450 75543 if you need help.

PS: Sorry for the delay in responding - I somehow overlooked this post. And SB, I prepared to take on these johnnies head-on, any day.

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