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BBMP spent 2500 Cr on Blr roads!!

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Yes, they have spent 2,500 crores on roads in the past three years and they want more!


Roads in the Silicon City of India may not show it, but the BBMP says it spent a humongous Rs 2,500 crore on them over the three years.
Of the 923 kilometres of arterial roads and 1,017 kilometres of sub-arterial roads, it is learnt from BBMP officials that most projects of asphalting and maintenance of these roads have been “spilt over” to the current financial year of 2011-12. With incessant rain, increased population and booming infrastructure activity, the streets of Bangalore have turned into scenes from a war-torn region. 

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So going simply by the numbers, there are roughly 2000 Kms of roads in Bangalore under BBMP jurisdiction..and was comparing the cost of laying roads with white topping which came up some time costs less than 1 crore for 1 Kms of road to be laid with white topping..more here

That means BBMP could have easily laid durable roads with white topping all over bangalore with the kind of money spent in the last 3 years!!

This is the worst scandal where information was released by BBMP themselves..its like shooting ones own leg..that too with a cannon!


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Not worth a single penny,

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Not worth a single penny, what a joke this is. Does anybody know any independent agency which can measure the quality of asphalt? I would like to see if we can fund a sample study which can prove how we are being shortchanged by the BBMP contractor nexus.

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web tracking will be crucial

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the BBMP web site which lists or at least tries to list  the works/tenders for each and every locality should give a good insight into what kind of road work is being done..

transperency should be the mantra..any ways we can get that site cleaned up and better performing and more accounatble?

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ulsoor road in pathetic state..

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The claims from BBMP are really high..but on Ulsoor road under the metro route the state of the road is pathetic..

there were huge potholes part because of the metro work and also because of the rains..pot holes were more like what do the authorities do?

They get tractor loads of dirt from a demolition site and dump it on the road..this is close to Trinity circle!!

No Idea why they are doing this for important road stretches..

I was traversing some gully roads in Hanumanth nagar and found that the 10 ft roads were done up extremely coat of tar and road markings including curb side..

The thought on Ulsoor road could have been that BBMP is waititng for BMRCL to do the roads(white topping etc)..but that doesnt mean they do not take up even simple maintenance work!!

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As a reward for the excellent work on filling potholes ith debris, the BBMP is going to issue laptops to its councillors as per this report

"Each laptop will cost about Rs50,000" - wonder if its a gold plated laptop to cost so much, considering our MP's are going to be getting Rs. 37K iPads, the corporators want to go one up on spending public money.

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Ulsoor roads in press today

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On reaching Old Madras Road near Ulsoor police station, one has to begin the stressful task of criss-crossing a road that is so uneven that it puts to shame the City’s civic agency.

The road is particularly bad from Lido Mall to Trinity Circle. The road near the Subramanya Temple, near CMH Road, is also in bad shape.

Although the condition of the road was slightly better a few months ago after the BMRCL “repaired” it after the completion of its work on the stretch, it has given way, causing severe traffic jams in the mornings.

more here

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Oh!!  God  !!!!   LAPTOP'S For corporatars ????   What to they do ?  Do they have any web portal to do any day today work ??  The money is wasted and they will keep them on the table for show of sure.  First of all BBMP should have a detail web portal which will have a details working map of each ward departmentwise like, health dept., Civil dept etc., and the schedules of the work.  Without that if you give the laptops it go waste !!!   BBMP, Please think over it again !!  it is public money !!   BOSS !!

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BBMP officials told to fill potholes in 15 days

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Again the same announcement, will they ever do it?

BBMP officials told to fill potholes in 15 days

BBMP acts on potholes

But I was thinking of doing some monitoring on this.

Raise an RTI to BBMP, asking 

(1) Which all roads (name of the roads, from where to where) are considered under this circular?

(2) What is the last date by which the work should be done on all these roads?

(3) Whom shall the citizens approach if the road said above are not fixed before date in (2).


After 15 days or may be after we get the first RTI reply, we can file another RTI asking -

(1) What are the roads fixed as per this circular?

(2) How much money spent in the above task? (Per road wise data)

The second question will give us details and relation between the money spent and work done.

I know, many people will say and even I am of the opinion that just filling the potholes will not work, as if the road constructed is so poor quality, then today some potholes fixed, another will come up in next 15 days, but then I am thinking from the monitoring point of view also.

What do you people suggest? I am ready to file both the RTI at suggested times. I think, Murali Sir and others can help me in filing RTI (composing the proper questions etc) and then I can do the post-work and other things.


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