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Mysore ORR road / ORR Jn Flyyy overs

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 Saw in the news today the renders of the proposed flyovers plans for the mysore road and ORR jn..I simply went bonkers! 

It looks like this..

This is not simple as its shown in the render here..I do not know how the 'engineers' can come up with such contraptions. The height of the top most carriage way will be atleast 30 mts from grade!

Maybe a study on the actual traffic at the junctions could have given them more reasonable solutions..

Below is a plan I tried to put up..this could cost half of what the above plan will cost...and surely more efficient in handling traffic..


Please review and comment..


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Complexities of the ORR-Mysore Rd jn

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The height of the top most carriage way will be atleast 30 mts from grade!

Although it would be premature to draw major conclusions from a simple render courtesy DH's graphics team, it does appear like the plan also calls for the conversion of the existing Mysore Rd (at grade level) to a frontage/collector road (which in itself is a good idea given the ribbon development there). For a 'double-flyover' or stacked interchange, 30m though, does seem comparable to other examples.

Having said that, the design-considerations of this junction (and our concerns about it) need to be made in light of other junctions in the vicinity (e.g. ORR-NICE Rd and the Gali Anjaneya Swamy Temple Flyover).

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For example, it does appear like the suggested ORR U-turn for BSK->BHEL/Chord Rd will not be necessary. One of the arms (red circle in image below) of the ORR-NICE Rd cloverleaf junction, offers exactly that option for vehicles headed that way. It's hard to tell though from the same image where the NICE freeway (blue marker) terminates (possibly Chord Rd?). A cohesive plan would go a long way here.



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not just height..

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The height is not the only you can see its not a planned interchange  like the ones you mention..with access ramps catering to free movement in all directions..

Even with the rendered stacked plan, we will not be able to remove the traffic lights at grade..cos this will be needed to regulate traffic from ORR(Nagavara) -> Mysore road and Mysore rd -> ORR(BSK)

There is no dearth of land available in that area, as most of it belongs to the govt.

So a simpler approach needs to be reviewed atleast before taking on such mamoth projects..alas they have issued tenders and the works started too!

About the NICE jn offering approach road for ORR(BSK) -> BHEL, I am not sure how much that will be successful because of the all ready hand twisting attitude of the Kheny mafia..

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wrong map

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ORR wont be at grade, it is first level flyover and mysore road will be second level. See deccan herald pic. at-grade will be for those who take right/left in the junction etc. I would say it is similar to diary circle flyovers function-wise, there wont be many vehicles using signal. comment guidelines

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