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BIAL RTI - MOU between AAI & KSIIDC and Land Lease Agreement

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In response to the RTI applications filled with KSIIDC, there was a meeting between Mr Nagaraj, DGM, KSIIDC and a couple of Praja members. The meeting was a very cordial one and Mr Nagesh apart from giving us the requested documents also shared with us his views on the development of BIAL. He also shared with us his view about Hyderabad airport in comparison with BIAL (he had just returned from a tour of Hyderabad airport).

Following is a copy of the MOU signed between AAI and GOK on 3rd May, 1999 and the Land Lease agreement. A few other pending documents will be dispatched by KSIIDC this week.

The Land Lease agreement does provide some supporting evidence to the article published by Devesh regarding forest land being part of the airport area.

Copy of the MOU between AAI and GOK
Memorandum Of Understanding
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Copy of the Land Lease Agreement
Land Lease Agreement
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Great going!

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Ritesh, Thanks for sharing the valuable information on BIAL project. It is highly commendable on part of yours in pursuing the efforts relentlessly and brave enough to stick your neck out in midst of corrupt and politicize environment. Thanks for your great work.
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Nice work. ".... also shared with us his views on the development of BIAL. He also shared with us his view about Hyderabad airport in comparison with BIAL...". Care to share the views? Be interesting to know - it is amazing that in forums like skyscrapercity, for instance, almost 100% of the views for HIAL are positive whereas a majority of them for BIAL are negative (the BIAL photos forum is much better). It needs to kept in mind that BIAL has had to struggle every step whereas HIAL got things done very easily - the negotiations were started very late compared to BIAL, but clearances were given in double-quick time so much so that BIAL (was "forced" to?) started operations later.

Moreover, BIAL worked on some "extras" like trumpet interchange, VIP lounges etc. Maybe a little more pride (with constructive criticism) will bode well. Or, maybe a foreigner at the helm of affairs is a easier target than our very own politicians/babus. comment guidelines

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