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Book of Projects

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[Note: A "Project" feature was introduced in late 2009 where in initiatives undertaken by Praja members can get a separate dedicated section on the website. All projects since then have been using that feature instead of this "Project of Books" approach. (Also see: list of projects)]

At Praja, believe in tracking public works and local government bodies. Our objective is to track and ask and suggest, and do that at the right levels within the public service providers. Discussions serve the tracking purpose to some extent. But at times, enthusiastic members would want to do more focused work involving on-ground activities like RTIs and direct meetings. It is recommended that all such activity, referred to as Praja Projects, be maintained inside this book. If you are starting on a project, just create a page for it under this book. Simple, and as free-form and loosely structured as it can get.

Remember, our philosophy is not to go clean the streets ourselves, but to understand why the authority responsible is unable to perform the job. Asking, tracking, demanding (in knowledgeable ways, and not in blind slogan shouting fashion) is what we want to do more of. However, many members do believe in "let me do it myself" mode projects, and we are all free to run those types of projects as well.

Just put it all inside this book, that's all.

Each project page should mention at least the following:

  • Goal
  • Key contacts, or active members
  • Public service providers you expect to interface with

There are multiple ways of providing updates on projects, three to be precise

  • Edit the original project page to add updates at the bottom
  • Put each update as a new comment
  • Or, add more pages under main project page.

If anything here sounds confusing, contact site admins for technical help. comment guidelines

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