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Bangalore pedestrianization projects

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Project to push for pedestrianization of some popular stretches of roads in shopping districts of Bengaluru. We will start with Commercial Street, and then (after learning lessons etc) try Brigade Road, Jayanagar 4th block, Avenue road etc.

Goals? Make Bengaluru aware of the concept, create open air malls as alternatives to modern concrete malls. Promoting walking and pedestrian casues is important because walking is the important aspect of good public transport system which our city aspires to create.

Main tasks will be

  • Engage with Shopkeeper's association, explain the benefits to them
  • Bring together BBMP (for upgrading streets, designated parking areas away from place of action), Traffic Police (for altering traffic flows) and BMTC (for providing good connectivity to the pedestrianized areas)
  • If successful, track how it goes.

Key contacts for this project

How can you help?

  • Participate in engagements with groups listed above
  • Post designs and ideas specific to the areas being targeted for pedestrianization
  • Find out if such concepts elsewhere (India or abroad) lead to increased footfalls and sales. Such case studies will help us convince shopkeepers. We wont go anywhere if they are not convinced of the value

[Project created on behalf of das]


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Meeting with Commercial Street (CSt) Merchants Association

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Useful Meeting at Comml St.

Myself, Das, Psaram42, Manjari, Mittal, etc. attended a meeting with the office bearers of Comml St. yesterday (27th), as scheduled. The meeting was useful & we got to hear their side of the story as also the on-going efforts by them - they were quite explicit about the need for more parking before pedestrianization moves cud begin.

Das /Psaram  - will you be posting minutes ?  I am going out of station & will be back 29th or 30th.

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Bumping it up

Bumping it up as project posts don't have good enough visibility on front page etc. Calling more people to join this. Should be fun. Success or not, experience of dealing with multiple civic bodies should be good experience on this one. comment guidelines

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