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Need for Suburban/Commuter Rail for Bengaluru makes to Railway Budget Speech in Parliament

This is how the railway minister, Shri. Sadananda Gowda describes in his maiden railway budget speech, 

"..Madam Speaker, as you are aware, Bengaluru with bustling, business activity attracts large commuters from surrounding rural areas and towns necessitating better connectivity of Bengaluru City with its suburban areas and hinterland. Study to Explore Possibility of enhancing the existing IR network of Bengaluru for meeting the above need will be taken up. In addition, to cater to the demand of Passenger Traffic in Bengaluru area, Byyappanahalli will be developed as a coaching terminal..." 

In addition, he has announced these train services to give immediate relief to the commuters.
MEMU services
i) Bengaluru -Ramanagaram 6 days a week(3Pairs)
DEMU services
i) Bengaluru -Neelmangala (Daily)
ii) Yesvantpur ­Hosur (6 days a week)
Passenger Services
i)Yesvantpur-Tumkur Passenger(Daily)


A petition with 5000+ signatures was submitted to the Railway Minister in person on June 29th, 2014




Catch the latest buzz here,

  1. Discussion on GOK's formal proposal sent to Railways

What NEXT?

The ball is in GOK court now. GOK must start the conversation with Railways to operationalize the SPV and get down to implement the Phase-1A.

How can we make it HAPPEN?

The approval process does take time in normal course of action. However, if GOK specially our Chief Minister can take up this personally with the Union Railway Minister, there is a real chance for early approval to the project. We all can help in that process if each one of us can reach out to our local area MP/MLA and pressurize them take up the issue with both the CM and teh Railway Minister.

Do not have the contact information? Don't worry. Here is the link for post with contact information for all the MPs/MLAs whose constituency fall in the proposed suburban rail network.

  1. Call your MP/MLA campaign for expediting the APPROVAL process


Have questions? Email it to ""


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CRS, Suburban Rail aka Namma Railu is a citizens' campaign led by Praja and supported by citizens' groups like Hasiru Usiru, CONCERN (Student's body at IISc), ITEC, Aid India, & BengaluruONE. It also has the support from government quarters like CiSTUP, DULT and recently RITES via its report

The population of the Bengaluru Urban area grew by 35% in the 1991-2001 decade and by about 47% in the 2001-11 time period. In order to cope with this growth the government has invested heavily. BMTC has added 3500 buses from 2006-07 to early 2011. Huge amounts of money have been invested in upgrading roads, building grade separators, the B-TRAC project and most recently for the Metro rail project which will add 115 kms of mass transit (phase-I and phase II combined) for a total estimated cost of 38,000 crores.  However, most experts are in agreement that even with the Metro fully operational, Bengaluru's public transport requirements are going to continue to exceed the combined capacity of BMTC and Namma Metro.  Here is where commuter rail comes in.

To read all discussions at Praja on the subject, use following links

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BMLTA sub committee 6th meeting on 14th Dec'2009

Commuter RailPublic Transport

BMLTA Sub Committtee minutes of meeting held on 14th Dec'2009,  Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department.

Here things are clear on starting of services between Yesvanthpur to Anekal and DRM of SWR has agreed finally to start the services between Yesvanthpur to Anekal once they get the Amount for two Rakes.

Commuter Rail - attention local news journalists

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Now that we have a window opening for Commuter Rail Services, we need to spread solid awareness about the possibilities and issues. Towards that, members of this Praja project are making an appeal to media personnel. Please carry informative and detailed reports on possiblities, plans and success factors for commuter rail services for Bengaluru. We are promising all help - we will spend time with you to write them, or if you are okay, even write the details for you.

Please contact any one of (vinod_shankar, Sanjeev, Raghu Nandana M, Naveen, silkboard) us, and we will sit with you to write the detailed and informative stories.

Our support will be on first come first served basis, and we look forward to support from one or more wide circulation newspapers of Karnataka.

Support this project, and help Bengaluru take a big step towards solving its huge problem of transportation and internal connectivity.

Commuter / Local Trains for Bangalore from March

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Finally KH Muniyappa, union minister of state for railways, announced that the South Western Railway’s train services from the city to Devanahalli will commence in March 2010 as per schedule. He said on Saturday that train services to Anekal would also start
by March

Deregulated State Railway Authority

Commuter RailPublic Transport

KRC is the model to go if we need to resolve the local problems. If Delhi continue plan and execute we will definitely continue to have hundreds of  KR Puram/Whitefield like engineering disasters called flyovers.

Commuter Rail - Will it ever materialize ?

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Most of us are aware that the CTTP-2007 report had recommended a Commuter /Sub-urban rail system for the city, totalling 204.0km (this includes city & suburban services upto Tumkur, Hosur & Ramanagaram). A few sub-urban trains are in operation & are being run by Southwestern railways (SWR), but the system is not of much help to urban commuters. comment guidelines

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