Commuter / Local Trains for Bangalore from March

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Finally KH Muniyappa, union minister of state for railways, announced that the South Western Railway’s train services from the city to Devanahalli will commence in March 2010 as per schedule. He said on Saturday that train services to Anekal would also start
by March

Things are really moving on Local Trains / Commter Railway in small steps. Even though Railway Budget has dissappointed B'lore. Now with starting of  new trains  to Nelamanagala, Devanahalli, Anekal,   things should  be better for Local Trains.  As the Bus Fares are going to go up, more citizens will start using either two wheelers or Cars.

Even Chief Minister of Karnatak was  looks to be serious on the Local Trains  in response to Railway Budget :  But he is not taking any actions neither  allocating budget  for the Local Trains starting. Hope to have good news on 5th March on this.

the suburban local trains for Bangalore, the chief minister has not lost hopes. “I will take up the issue with Mamata. I will try my best to see that the assurance given by KH Muniyappa on local trains is accommodated as a supplementary proposal in the budget,” he said

State Govt should act and take decision on extending the Tracks to BIAL  from NH-7. With  the MoS K H Muniyappa at Center, will ensure that things will move  fast for this. He has already sanctioned upgradation of Station : Devanahalli, Chikballapur, Yelahanka, Dodballapur, Gauribidanur, YesavanthpurAlso Chikballapur to Kolar Guage conversion is going to complet  in next 12-14 months, this will help in starting the Circular Railway Kolar-Chikaballapur- Bangalore

K H Muniyappa should have allocated more budget for  doubling of  the track from Yesvanthpur to Yelahanaka & to Banaswadi. Only One  Crore each has been allocated & Track Electrification from Yelahanaka to Dodballapur, Chikballapur, Hosur, Tumakur  should have been included





Karnataka state agreeing to share 50% cost for Local Trains

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During inauguration of the Cox Town-Wheeler Road flyover on Tuesday, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has propsed to share the 50% of the project cost with providing free land to SWR to start Local / Suburban  Trains  similar to Mumbai & other METRO's. CM is going to write a letter now  Railway Minister ready to bear fifty per cent of the project cost.

Even K H Muniyappa willing to consider to take up the work if state comes forward cost shring  on the laying double-line and electrification of tracks along Hoskote, Ramanagaram, Magadi, Doddaballapur and Nelamangala &   the state government  to prepares and submits its project plan proposal along with land and cost sharing

Now we should file RTI with Chief Minister office for the  letter  ( which will be sent in a few days )  to Railway minister for the Local Trains & sharing of  50% cost. & to follow up.



Local Trains issue for BBMP election

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Politicians make promises on rail connectivity in the city

With elections to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) round the corner, leaders of the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party utilised a function organised to inaugurate the newly built flyover across railway level crossing at Wheeler Road-Cox Town junction here on Tuesday to make promises on rail connectivity

First a request by Member of Parliament (Bangalore South) H.N. Ananth Kumar, Union Minister of State for Railways K.H Muniyappa  to start Local Trains on the existing tarcks in four direction : to Nelamangala, Ramanagar, Whitefiled, Devanahalli & further automating the singnals with electric lines & having station at every 2 KMs.

In response to a request  of MP H N annth Kumar by MoS K H Muniyappa : he was prepared to take up the issue if the State Government came out with an assurance to give land for the project besides sharing 50 per cent of the project cost.

K H Muniyapap's assurencs : “I am confident of being able to convince Union Minister for Railways Mamata Banerjee to provide circular rail system for Bangalore if the State Government comes forward to invest in the project.”

Now the response of Chief Minister to MoS K H Muniyappa, even though Yeddyurappa  had completed his speach earlier.

Mr. Muniyappa’s response forced Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to address the gathering for the second time as he had already finished his speech.

Mr. Yeddyurappa said that he would immediately write a letter to Ms. Banerjee making a proposal in this regard and said that the State Government was prepared to provide 50 per cent of the project cost. “Somehow, we will arrange money if the Union Government is ready to take up the project,” the Chief Minister said.

BBMP elctions is real  advantag to Bangalore to get the Local Trains as Congress K H Muniyappa & BJP Ananth Kumr & CM Yeddyurapp  are foced to put the CRS project in action. Now its for us to push further thru RTI, Follow up meeting with concerned dept : IDD, BMLTA, SWR, Chief Secretary of Karnataka & Railway Minsiter.



Commuter Rail is useless in the long run

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If one looks at the alignment of the metro and existing rail lines, it is obvious that one of them is redundant. We have rail lines going via RPC layout, Nayandahalli and Kengeri on the west, which is a part of East-West corridor. Another railway line is through Malleswaram and Yeswantpur, and these areas are covered by the North-South corridor.

Commuter Rail - Useless ?

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I don't think it's right to say that Commuter rail is useless since it may serve different groups of people than those that will be served by Metro.

For example, Metro, having stations at 1km intervals will primarily be for those city /urban residents who would find it convenient to access stations & move between their work areas & homes, etc.

On the other hand, Commuter rail would have stations spaced further apart & would benefit semi-urban users who visit the city from neigbouring areas who also need some sort of fast mass transit over longer distances. Thus, the types of users might be vastly different.

One thing is for sure - the city & nearby suburbs are woefully short of fast, reliable mass transit systems, & Commuter rail is one easy & cheap option that can be made available, in addition to Metro.

Wait a little longer for Bangalore's local train

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As mentioned by Mr Manish in other thread,   now its clear that  Mr K H Muniyappa has not done any work on this.  Now whats the point in showing finger to Railway Budget. When Durrronto was announced which was not included in budget, still they started within a month in Dec'09.

If railway minister or MoS K H muniyappa instructs, then they can start train within a week time and ever ysenior railway staff knows this.  We need to put pressure on MoS K H Muniyappa.

Nod for circular railway track and what about Local Trains ????

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Here you can see the mis-match  : MoS K H muniyappa talking about circular rail and Chief Minister i/ State wants Local Trains for Bangalore city & Suburbs similar to Mumbai Local Trains .

With a view to decongesting busy areas of Bangalore and to help commuters on the outskirts, the Railway Ministry is taking up the circular railway linking Ramanagaram, Magadi, Doddaballapura, Krishnaraja Puram, Hoskote, Anekal and Yeshwanthpur.

Union Minister of State for Railways K.H. Muniyappa said that the State Government had already given its nod for linking outer towns, easing traffic and congestion. He said Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa had promised Rs. 500 crore for the project.

Now we will both of them going in different directions and once again we Bangalore citizens keep on suffering from Traffic Problem and it looks we are enjoying the pain.

Shri K H Muniyappa is not keeping his promise of starting Local Train between Yesvanthpur to Anekal and Bangalore city to Devanahalli. 

I think Shir K H Muniyappa wants waste another 6-12 months in doing one more round of traffic study now SWR as SWR will not accept its own RITES study.  By that time, he will be removed from the ministry, so fate Bangalore citizens depends on BMTC and NAMMA METRO only.



Seriously a major issue. The

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Seriously a major issue. The existing tracks have been doubled now atleast to the extent of a 50kms radius around bangalore in the Tumkur and Ramanagaram areas. Now instead of starting the locals I dont know why they have suddenly jumped to the circular track. Of course the same is also required but when a project can be implemented why wait for something of the future? Bangaloreans have seriously got irritated travelling by road and are now shifting to any means of substitute available. At present Volvo is the only substitute for everyone but it also takes the road only-the only relief being not required to drive. But it is also nearing saturation on the city roads. We seriously require another mode through the railway network. the railway track surrounds Bangalore quite well and a few stations like like Vijayanagar,Kadugodi etc can solve issues for many. And a local can seriously carry about 5-6 times the load of a bus on average. There was a story sometime back in Bangalore mirror about a techie to Electronic city who took the Salem passenger in the morning to Heelalige and took the company cab from there. Well there arent many trains on this track after the departure of the Ernakulam express till arrival of Garib Rath which crosses Hosur only around 10AM. So between 6:15 and 8:30 majority passengers can run on this route-a few starting from Yeshvantapur,Yelahanka,Krishnarajapuram etc towards anekal. Only rakes are required to start the same. Hope this issue is considered properly.

Suburban trains to Devanahalli / Hosur after 6th April

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The timings and routes for the Yeshwanthpur-Hosur and the Yeshwanthpur-Devanahalli sectors have been finalised, but operations are expected to start after April 6 when the model code of conduct for the just-concluded BBMP polls is no longer applicable.

According to top Railway sources, a passenger train with five coaches, which will run two daily trips from Yeshwanthpur to Hosur, is ready. The timings for the Yeshwanthpur-Devanahalli up-down service will be fixed between the time the train to Hosur departs and arrives Yeshwanthpur.

“Each coach can seat a maximum of 110 passengers. So, over 500 passengers can commute on each trip,” said an official, adding that the number of coaches can be increased depending on demand.

Operations on the two routes were to begin March-end but the launch was delayed because electrification of the track between Yeshwanthpur and Hosur needed completion. The Yeshwanthpur-Devanahalli route is electrified, but only up to Yelahanka. A decision was therefore taken to run diesel-powered engines as are prevalent in Chennai and Mumbai, sources said.

Finally MoS Shri K H Muniyappa is keeping his promises made.  Now these Suburban Train will run  from Yesvanthpur to Hosur two trips and to Devanhalli one trip.  Hope they will start these trains from Bangalore city later.  Along with thiese two services, one more passanger train announced during budget to Nelamanagal should be started so that with these three Trains,  now Citizens can  start using more Suburban Trains with Bangalore.  Even I have observed Hebbal station is getting makeover.  Similarly they should improve  Lottegolhalli,  Kodagehalli stations so that  passangers  will feel more comfortable in using  the Train services.

Also BMTC should start feeder services to these Railway Stations specifially  to Devanhalli, CarmelRam & Heelalige station

Hope this will reduce some pressure on the road of Bangalore specifically to electronic city / Hosur road. Now its for the Citizens to use this Train services and reduce usage of Cars.



Other options..

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People travelling from Majestic towards ITPL / KR Puram during peak hours in the morning can use 2 trains, one at 9:20 and another at 10:00 am (Bangarpet Passenger).  Ticket is only 2 rupees and commute to KR Puriam is just 20 minutes. Outside KR Puram station, we get buses towards ORR as well ITPL. Train departs from platform 5/6/7 and people can use back door entry.

While coming back, frequency during peak hours 4-7 is very less.

Kengeri - Whitefield line is electrified and double. If Railways would have started a EMU service in this route, it would have been highly beneficial. 45 minutes should have been sufficient for the commute compared to whooping 2 hours on the road.

A small first step

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According to the report :

Before terminating in Hosur, the train from Yeshwanthpur would stop at Hebbal, Banaswadi, Carmelaram, Heelalige and Anekal stations. The same stops would hold good on the return trip.

“Heelalige station is located at a distane of 1 km from Electronic City and it would prove enormously useful for IT professionals there,” sources said.

The first train to Hosur will depart Yeshwanthpur at 6.30 am and its scheduled time of arrival at Hosur is 8 am. On its return trip, the train will leave Hosur at 8.15 am and reach Yeshwanthpur by 9. 45 am.

The same train would leave Yeshwantpur for Devanahalli at 10.40 a.m. It would stop at Yelahanka, Bettahalsoor and Dodjala before reaching Devanahalli by 12 noon. On its return trip, it will leave Devanahalli at 1.15 pm and arrive at Yeshwanthpur at  2.35 pm.
The second trip from Yeshwanthpur will commence later in the afternoon at 3.35 pm and arrive at Hosur at 5.10 pm. On its way back to Yeshwanthpur, the train will depart from Hosur at 5.45 pm.


The existing stations at Lottegollahalli, Kodigehalli & Bellandur road have not been included as stops. Trip distances are about 35km each way & if a train in each direction stops at 4 locations inbetween, this translates to a stop at an average 6km or so, which is on the high side, even for a suburban rail.

SWR will have to use existing stations & also build new ones to ensure easy access for commuters to these trains, as discussed previously here.

Also, as mentioned by Sanjeev, BMTC must start services from stations during arrival /departure of these trains, else the service may not see many passengers & become unviable soon.

Suburban trains to Devanahalli / Hosur after 6th April

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As announced during recent railway budget Bangalore to Nelamangala, thisTrain services should be started so that with these three services, Bangalore citizens should start using the Local Train services.

With NAMMA METRO by Jan'2011, the pressur on major roads should come down and pollution elevel and traffic problems should come down.

Now BMTC, NAMMA METRO and  South western railways shoudl come together and plan single monthly pass so that passanger  should feel comfortable in travelling in Public Transport.  Minimum basic faciltity should be improved at the Suburban Railway stations

Local Train to Hosur, Devanhalli starting 6th April'2010

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Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa will flag off trains along three long-awaited routes on Tuesday.

YPR to Devanahalli, Hosur
Meanwhile, the train eagerly sought by IT professionals and air passengers, a suburban diesel loco train between Yeshwantpur and Devanahalli and Yeshwantpur and Hosur will also be flagged off from Yeshwantpur at 10.30 am. Detailed timings will be released on Tuesday.
With two services to Hosur and one service to Devanhalli,  now citizens should use this facility.  This is small step towards the Local Trains for Bangalore.

Requesting all Praja and Citizens of Bangalore to give more publicity for this. As we have seen, thier is no publicity for this.


Finally Suburban trains, New train Varthur-Devanahalli shortly

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Finally the green flag was waved for Yeshwantpur-Devanahalli-Yeshwantpur Special (YD-1) from platform six. and Yeshwantpur-Hosur-Yeshwantpur Special (YH-1).

Connectivity to airport
Muniyappa has assured arrangements would be in place within six months to ensure connectivity to the BIA by rail and buses. “To connect Devanahalli station to the airport, a new railway station would be constructed very near the airport close to the trumpet exchange and ensure that all suburban trains in this route would have a stopover at this station.”
General Manager, South Western Railway, Kuldeep Chaturvedi said time was required to conduct a survey at the spot first and then develop the infrastructure.

Urban Development Minister Suresh Kumar said the State government was also contemplating steps to introduce direct buses from Devanahalli railway station to the airport

Also a new Rail connectivity will be established along the Varthur-Anekal-Devanahalli route within six months.

"Work in connection with a circular train network around the City would commence as soon as the State government hands over to the Railways the Rs 500 crore it has promised for the project" .

Not sure if the Railways have accepted the cost sharing proposal of 50% for the Suburban rail service, but the MoS wants the Rs 500 crore to be deposited first. 

Does anyone have more details about the circular rail proposal and the possible alignment

Excellent news! Hopefully

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Excellent news! Hopefully more people will patronize the cheap, reliable, comfortable and stress free train rides. Yeshwantpur has plenty of buses from KBS and quite a few from Nelamangala. The bus stop looks to be a few hundred meters from the train station - may be they can move for better convenience. Am not familiar enough with all the other areas to know if there are good feeder buses to the train stations. Good feeder service should greatly increase the patronage. Hoping for circular and other suburban trains to fructify soon.

Time for Train Day

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As expected, after y'day's announcement, there seems to be little effort to publicize. How can we make sure this news reaches potential users? 

Remember some talk of Train Day here on Praja? Think it would be a good initiative, helps publicize this and other such suburban services. Without patronage, this train will not last long. And without publicity... patronage is anyone's guess.

Should explore engagement with SWR!

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Ravi, It is a very good thought. We should definitely give a try. For that we might have to start with establishing a relationship with SWR and work with them. Ultimately we would have to bring out the positives of this service and various options how people can make use of this service. Along with listing missing supporting infrastructure. Somewhere down the line, somebody would take notice and address it.

Circular Rail - How ?

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Let's be realistic - circular rails in other cities (such as Delhi & Kolkata) have not worked & do not see sufficient riderships, despite the much bigger city populations & sizably much larger sections of the economically weak, who have been the primary users of suburban trains in all cities. In fact, the existing circular trains are kept running with subsidies. This is probably because there are not so many that travel from one suburban fringe to another to justify a suburban circular rail network.

Unless planners are prepared to spend time & money to come up with a plan to capture all possible types of commuters (viz. urban & suburban), it might not work well & may not be effective in helping to reduce street congestion levels.

I feel that the best choice would be to have a circular network within the urban fringes for which tracks already exist on the north & east - ie. Yeswanthapur-Lottegollahalli-Hebbal-Banaswadi-Byappanahalli-Benniganahalli-Varthur rd -Bellandur rd -Carmelaram. Thus, about a third of the job for an urban circular rail can be done easily & with very less investments. If tracks along this route are augmented as necessary & more stations built, this route alone would see large ridership levels.

To cover the areas in the south & west, new track/s branching off westwards from Carmelaram & going past Singasandra, Arekere (Bannerghatta rd), Jarganahalli Metro terminus, Uttarahalli, Gnanabharati, thence northwards to Yeshwanatpur might be a good choice.

Investments will be huge since land acquisitions would be involved, but it would definitely be worth in the long-term.

Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa top priority of Local Trains

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Speaking at the programme organised to felicitate all the 111 newly-elected BJP corporators on Tuesday

Stating that his government was committed to the development of the city, Yeddyurappa said bringing local train facility to the city was his top priority.

“We will meet Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee in 3-4 days and request clearance for the project,” he said, adding the government was prepared to spend at least Rs 500 crore for the same.


The chief minister also added that the government was serious about implementing the monorail project in the city.

Its good that CM himself is batting for Local Trains. Why he is not calling  high level meeting of BMLTA, IDD, SWR, Cheif Secretary of Karnatak with  all 27 MLA's  and 4 MP's from Bangalore with MoS Shri K H Muniyappa. CM & Shrie K H Muniyappa both are speaking at the public places and blaming each other. CM  wants to talk to Railway Minister Mamtha & K H Muniyappa wants money first and the  he will start survey for Circular Train & not bothered about Local Trains on existing tracks with capacity augumentation. Something is serious worng going on between CM & K H Muniyappa.



Two Mishaps Mar Inaugural Run

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The much-awaited passenger train to Hosur chugged out at 11.30 am from Yeshwantpur railway station on its maiden trip, little aware of what lay ahead. 

Just ten minutes later, the Yeshwantpur-Hosur Special (YH-1) came to an abrupt halt even before it could reach the first scheduled stop, Lottegollahalli station, 4 kms from Yeshwantpur.

The reason: an accident involving live overhead lines had taken place on the tracks minutes earlier and a damaged contact arm was still dangling from above.  The shocker came within half an hour of another accident on the track, in which a passenger seated near the door of a moving train fell off and suffered severe injuries on his head and hands.

This shows how the SWR railway officals are serious on the Trains. They were not fully prepared to start this services even after 3 months of announcement by MoS Shri K H muniyapap,  but due to the political pressure, they have finally started.

Without patronage, this train will not last long. And without publicity... patronage is anyone's guess. as mentioned by Ravi

I have seen the after noon train  YH-2 leaving at 3:35Pm from Yesvanthpur with hardly 10-15 passangers on six coaches. Their is no  publicity except the Deccan Herald.  Even News Papers and TV channels did  not even cover this function.

This shows what SWR authorites wants : this services should fail so that next time no one will ask to start some more services.  Following are the  intention of SWR to make this services fail :

1. Starting point is YPR instead of Kengeri 

2. Morning timing of  YH-1 is 6:20AM, they should have kept at 7:00 AM , same thing at evening train YH-2 at 3:35, should have been after 4PM. Same thing with YD-1 to Devanhalli should have been at  7:45AM. Problem is due to with single rack of six coaches, to run in all three services. They should have made 3 coaches  into two  trains and contiously shuttling between YPR-HOSUR and YPR-DEVANAHALLI

3. Their is no Publicity  by SWR authorites.

4.  Now BMTC have to plan their services to the Devanhalli,  Banaswadi, Belandur Road,  Karmelaram, Heelalige and Anekal Road railway station, will take few weeks.

Now we need to make more publicity on this so that more people will use the services. Give more publicity in all your offices and where vever possible.

Varthur to Devanahalli rail link next

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Rail connectivity will be established along the Varthur-Anekal-Devanahalli route within six months, assured Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa

Union minister of state for railways KH Muniyappa said that it would take at least three to four years to provide seamless rail connectivity to BIA. "Land has to be acquired for laying tracks and more trains need to be introduced. We are in talks with the state government," he said.
Muniyappa said that this new train service was primarily for workers, office-goers, businessmen and labourers. He said that dedicated trains for airline passengers would be introduced within six months up to Chikkajalla, and that after six months, two more trains would be introduced with services extended up to Chikkaballapur.
These new train services are part of SWR's proposal to introduce circular suburban trains across Devanahalli, Anekal, Magadi, Ramanagaram, Chikkabalapur and Doddabalapur. "This is the first phase of the project. Connectivity to the remaining stations will be completed within six months. Plans are being chalked out to help passengers board the train from other stations to BIA without traveling up to City Railway station," said Akhil Agarwal, Bangalore divisional railway manager, SWR.

Hope the MoS Shir K H Muniyappa brings some more Local Trains for Bangalore city as early as possible.  Also the Local Trains and Circular Train  both are required. Hope Mamatha sanctions these projects on cost sharing basis as the  earliest.


This shows what SWR

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This shows what SWR authorites wants : this services should fail so that next time no one will ask to start some more services

This is why we said if it is done it should be done properly with more frequent service, bus feeder service etc. No, you wanted something fast, whatever form it is, and there you have it. Half baked get the monkey off my back effort.

For example. Hebbal station is unreachable from any layout on city side of the ring road. Bhoopsandra, Nagashettyhalli, Sanjaynagar, RT nagar, Vishwanatha nagenahalli. So many areas have no feeder to the station so what use is it? I live 1 & half km from the station and have to travel 4 kms to go to the ring road side entrance, even then no PT to the station. There is Bhoopasandra stop just 500mtrs from the station but it cannot be accessed from that side at all. Bummer.

Last year Katta Subramanya

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Last year Katta Subramanya Naidu promised bus service from Bhoopasandra to Malleshwaram via MS Ramaiah/New BEL road.

Nothing has happened.

I had written to BMTC about running it alternatively (A & B routes) between Bhoopasandra & Yeswantpur/Malleshwaram via MS Ramaiah/New BEL road road so it can be used as an interior connector/feeder between Yeswantpur & Hebbal/Swastik station. This need not be a full fledged bus but the mini Isuzu bus.

No response

So basically nobody is planning connectivity for the people in totality, they only look at stand alone symbols of their ego being deployed.

Circular rail

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Let's be realistic - circular rails in other cities (such as Delhi & Kolkata) have not worked & do not see sufficient riderships, despite the much bigger city populations & sizably much larger sections of the economically weak, who have been the primary users of suburban trains in all cities. In fact, the existing circular trains are kept running with subsidies.

The circular rail should supplant PRR (8+ lanes). Cheaper land-wise, and definitely more reilable. If there is not talk of PRR, then you are correct and partial circular rail can be introduced.

Electrical Multiple Units to run soon in Bangalore

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According to the article posted in DH

According to Mr Srihari, advisor to Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) and to the State Government on traffic problems, the project might take off within a couple of months as both the State Government and South Western Railways have shown interest in this. The initial project was to provide a rail link to the Bengaluru International Airport.
The identified five trunk routes for the train service are :

  • On the Bangalore- Mysore route to connect with stations such as Bidadi, Ramanagara and Chennapatna.
  • The Bangalore - Whitefield route to cover a distance of 80 kms.
  • The Bangalore- Salem line to cover a distance of 35 kms. 
  • The Bangalore -Devanahalli railway line to cover a distance of 50 kms.
  • The Bangalore- Tumkur rail link to cover a distance of 70 kms.

We are yet to hear anything back from the Railways on the 50-50 cost sharing for suburban train proposal by Our CM, but here they are talking about the project taking off within couple of months.

Circular, commuter, suburban

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I dont see a need for a category called circular rail. Even the current 2 routes between Ypr-Hosur & Ypr-Devanahalli are suburban routes and can be rolled into a category called commuter rails. The frequency needs to be atleast 1 every 20-30 mins each. 2-3 carriage trains should be sufficient to start with instead of 6 carriages.

Poor patronage for the suburban train

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As expected the poor patronage stuff from SWR

It should have started from Kengeri and EC/Hosur

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If the train would have started from Kengeri with stop at Jnanabharathi/Nayandahalli, SBC, Cantonment, BYPL,Yelahanka Devanahalli with A/C coaches with frequency of atleast once in 3 hrs, it would have made difference.If elecrified , Delhi Metro coaches can run on these tracks. Otherwise, LHB coaches would be good.

Another Train should start from Hosur stops at Anekal, near EC and utilize the empty Hosur route. Lots of IT folks  from ITPL and ORR companies will alight the train at BYPL.

Railways always thinks of its own convenience to run the train and schedule it without seeing the what is the actual need of commuters. YPR is a big dump yard for railways and hence wants to run from there without thinking of the takers. Those who can reach YPR, can reach Airport instead directly.

This service should be corrected instead of stopping it.

One can not expect the train

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One can not expect the train to get 100% occupancy in short time. Following corrective actions need to be done by different agency, as the   Lack of responsibilty  by Railways, BMTC,  IDD and co-orindations amoung them. 

1. Required  Publicity  for these services need to be done.

2. BMTC should play buse for last mile connectivity at Yesvanthpur Station, Devanhalli, Anekal, Belandur, Banaswadi, Karmelaram, Hellage stations.

3. Timing need to be alogned with office time  at the morning and at the evening.

5. As above Vasanth mentioned, train should start from Kengeri with more frequency.

6. New  Stations at t the below Trumphet  near BIAL NH-7 and one more station at Srjapur road and Chandapur on Hosur road needed.

5. Near future these trains will help the METRO commuter  those who use Yesvanthpur  METRO station and  Railway Stations.

So we should not get disappointment,  as we can see on Hosur / Anekal segment with 30 % occupancy  shows that commuters really in nead of the Local Trains, with proper schedules of Trains on Office timings in the morning and evening with starting point  from Kengeri  will  have more occupancy.

Also as BMTC bus fares are going up and even IT comapnies have increased their company transport bus fairs recently,  commuters will start slowly prefering these Local Trains  and with MTERO station at Yesvanthpur  ( by next year ), the patronage from the public  will improve drastically.

Also time is required for aceptance by the Public.

Commuter trains a hit, city to get more soon

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Bengaluru, May 14: Considering the encouraging response to passenger trains on local circuits, more of them could be introduced in the city shortly. For instance, the train to Devanahalli could be extended to Chikkajala for the comfort of passengers heading to the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), but railway officers say it could take at least three to four years to provide seamless rail connectivity to the BIA.

The railways have been encouraged by the response to the passenger trains running from Yeshwanthpur to Devanahalli and Yeshwanthpur to Hosur, which have been seeing occupancy of more than 70 per cent, mainly due to the low fares and the connectivity they offer to the suburbs.

South Western Railway officials are now in talks with the infrastructure development department to chalk out more such circuits for the trains based on passenger utility surveys.

“One local train circuit could touch Kengeri, Jnanabharathi, Bapuji Nagar, Nayandahalli, Malleshwaram, Yeshwanthpur, Yelahanka, Hebbal, Channasandra, Banaswadi, Bayapanahalli, KR Puram, Whitefield, Malur and Kolar,” says a railway officer.

70% occupency is on YPR-Hosur and not on Devanahalli.  When SWR is saying they are in talks with IDD,  what does it mean for our Comuuter Rail  report.


Report will help

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chalk out more such circuits for the trains based on passenger utility surveys 

Praja's report could help this survey & seed a lot of thought since relevant data has already been collected - it should help them in their planning.

Bangalore stations will have to wait to modernise

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The ball has finally begun rolling three years after the Indian Railways announced that the Bangalore City and Byappanahalli railway stations will be developed into world class facilities


The state government has agreed in-principle to hand over 30 acres for the development of each of these stations, Akhil Agarwal, divisional railway manager, Bangalore division of the South Western Railways told DNA.

“The Binny Mills land will be acquired for the City station, and a patch of land near NGEF will be obtained for the Byappanahalli station,” Agarwal said.

Finally State Govt & IDD moved one step.  Now MoS Shir K H Muniyyappa should put the project on fast Track and make sure that work starts at the earliest.

Now SWR  should start planning for full fledge services of Commuter / Local Trains for Bangalore and its suburbs.

 Well we can have a good

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 Well we can have a good service of dMU's around bangalore as locals-people are also ready to travel the streches after having got fed up of traffic and bus fares. I have also seen many people using the expresses to get down at bangarpet,dharmapuri etc which all come around a distance fo 70-120 kms. So we can easily run schedules on the routes and earn good revenue-even the bus stand is very close to station at bangarpet which is reason behind people using the bus. 


Once when I travelled by Yeshvantapur-Salem passenger there were people who used it to reach Krishnagiri-get down at Rayakottai and take a town bus-it was cheaper and faster which were their main concern-points to be noted for using the train

Related developments

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World Bank clears $430m loan for suburban railway

 The Indian Railways and the state government will share the cost of the project on a 50:50 basis. 

...Manmohan minister, the prime minister, had discussed the project in September 2006 in the presence of the railway minister and planning commission members. The Centre and the state are committed to the project and funds can be raised from different sources to ensure that this project goes through

People of Bangalore need to wake up and demand Commuter Rail from their govt. comment guidelines

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