A Presentation on 'Commuter Rail Service for Bengaluru'

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Commuter Rail

Dear Prajagale,

Here is a copy of the power point presentation on proposed 'Commuter Rail Service In Bengaluru', which is nicknamed as 'Namma Railu'. This is the version used  at 'Bangalore One' and 'Public Discussion' event past week.

Feel free to download and distribute to all your contacts. This is being posted here as part of Citizen's publicity campaign for Commuter Rail Service in Bengaluru.

Please do not hesitate to comments, critique and offer suggestions to make it more better.

Video Presentation with Audio


Power Point Presentation (No Audio)




Commuter Rail to Bangalore is a must

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Commuter rail to Bangalore is a must because the city is crowded and the population is increasing in one place and not spreading to the outskirts of  bangalore. If commuter rail is made it would be feasible to the common man to travel to work from the outskirts to the work place easily and cost of living comes down and the common man can do saving for his future plans. Now as BMTC, KSRTC and Namma Metro fares are very high the common man is spending more of his earnings on the transport from home to the work place. The green cover which was their a decade back to bangalore has been vanished. We the citizens of the city must take drastic steps to make parks into mini forests by planting good trees like sandal , teak , rose , honne, honge and neem trees which consume more amount of carbon dioxde than the nilgiris or akeshia.

Vidyadhara B V

BE (Instrumentation Technology), MCE, Hassan.