Sunday June 23 - Namma Railu Campaign Strategy Meeting

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Commuter Rail
23 Jun 2013 07:30
23 Jun 2013 09:30
This Sunday, June 23, 2013, a few of us have invited KPCC Spokesperson Prof. Rajeev Gowda to our regular sunday morning breakfast bicycle ride to discuss the future steps for commuter rail. WIll keep everyone informed on the outcomes.


Show up in more numbers?

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I believe, show of more numbers at this meet will send a positive signal to people who could push NR little hard.

We have very small window of opportunity to get something done specially if requires further approvals. I would say until October. After Oct, even if the central govt survives, all will be in General Election mode.

Namma Railu Needs more support at this juncture

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With state and Center govt by same party and Railway Minister from Karnataka,  Senior Divisional Operation Manager of SWR  Dr Anup Sadhu taking charge, RITES report with GOK,  this is right time to get the CM & Mr Kharge to  clear the project and set up the SPV.  Services can take then.

With last 3/4 years efforts will get realiesd now  if we put our further efforts now.  Looking for more people on this meet


Best wishes!

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Thanks guys for organizing the meet. My best wishes for the meet. Will look forward to update on the outcome of the meet.


Meeting held with SDOm Dr Anu Dayanand Sadhu of Bangalore Divi

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On 2nd July'2013,  we had meeting with Dr Anup Dayanad Sadhu to appriase him about the developments on CRS and to look for his support.

He is very positive and once GOK clears the this CRS approval,  I think this should gets into rolling with few Rakes of DEMU / MEMU soon.  May happen if things goes as per plan before Lokasabha elections.

Great !! looking forward

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Great !! looking forward eagerly to see the local train chunging ....



Fingers crossed!

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Hope to see it accorded asap n phase 1 implemented within Kharge's tenure.... comment guidelines

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