Praja RAAG

Praja Research Analysis and Advocacy Group

Citizen research based advocacy group for local civic issues around Bangalore.

Projects initiated by Praja RAAG

A new initiative from Praja. This is engagement with KSRTC Management for help with re-desigining the User Interface for its website.

A new initiative has been undertaken at Praja. Few weeks back KSRTC had approached Praja for help with re-designing User Interface for its website. On that request a team of 5 Praja members have got together and has taken up the efforts to fulfill the KSRTC's request.

The scope of the...

Project to interact and engage with BMTC to understand their operations as well as provide feedback

Those who think they know BMTC well, tell us this. How do they plan new bus routes? How do they actually make a profit? How often do they undertake routing and deployment reforms? How do they get help from BBMP and Traffic Police - any agreement based approach?

This project will track...

Project to organize a transporation "unconference" at Bangalore
  • Project code name: Mobilicity
  • Objective: Organize a grounds-up, unique format event to discuss sustainable transportation for Bangalore
  • Organizers: Some volunteer members from Praja, with help and support from CiSTUP
  • Date and Venue: Nov 21...
Group to help conceptualize, plan and market a Bus Day event for BMTC

This workgroup helped BMTC to conceptualize, plan and market a monthly Bus Day event starting February 2010. The thought for Bus Day was seeded during the Mobilicity-2009 event organized by in November 2009, and then taken forward with active support from various public transport lovers...

Advocacy group to campaign for a Commuter Rail System for Bangalore


Need for Suburban/Commuter Rail for Bengaluru makes to Railway Budget Speech in Parliament

This is how the railway minister, Shri. Sadananda Gowda describes in his maiden railway budget speech, 


Restraining traffic growth via Parking enforcement, congestion charges or cordon pricing in central areas of Bengaluru city

This is a project to develop and propose a workable approach for re-introducing parking regulations in the city. A further long-term objective is to detail solutions for introducing congestion charge or cordon pricing in the central area of the city (CBD).

The project aims to prepare...

Concrete proposals to speed up public buses on roads of Bengaluru

A serious switch to public transport (PT) can be triggered if PT can move at closer or better effective speed compared to cars/mobikes. Buses are prime mode of PT in Bengaluru, and would be so for near future. While BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) is the broader concept, smart things...

Program to enable citizens of Bangalore to use Bicycle for last mile and intermodal connectivity

This program consolidates all proposals related to enabling bicycle infrastructure in Bangalore. We started with Bike sharing proposal in the Central Business District (CBD). We then worked on getting the CBD proposal extended to other areas.

Right now, we are working to get more and more...

Group to organize Mobilicity workshops along with CiSTUP

Some folks at Praja are working with CiSTUP to organize solution focused workshop on public transportation. The workshop is being organized on the sidelines of CiSTUP foundation day events. The technical sessions being planned are:

  1. Namma Railu (updated, Jan 5:...
Highlight glaring lacunae in the state Acts pertaining to transfer of ownership of common areas and assets of multi-storied apartment complexes

Right from beginning, there have existed glaring lacunae in the state Acts pertaining to transfer of ownership of common areas and assets of multi-storied apartment complexes. And, the lackadaisical approach of the officialdom to the rectifications of these are putting the rapidly growing...

Praja RAAG

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